Nursery and Year 3 reading buddies – Week 2

Today was Nurseries second visit to the Yr3 classroom. The Yr3 children welcomed their reading partner and read a book to them. It was wonderful to see questions being asked and discussions around what was happening in the illustrations as well as one pair acting out what was happening on each page!

After reading, a range of activities continued in the Nursery reading journals. Children wrote lists of the favourite words and characters, others copied illustrations and one pair began to think about creating a story map. Nursery are looking forward to next week.

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Year 3 Reading Leaders

Today Year 3 started their first reading leadership session with Nursery. Year 3 carefully selected books, and then read it to their partner. Afterwards the reading leaders and Nursery worked collaboratively to add to their reading journals. There were illustrations of favorite characters and settings as well as Year 3 recording on speech bubbles what Nursery had said.

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Year 3 were incredible. They patiently asked questions and  considered how best to involve their Nursery partner. We look forward to carrying this on every Tuesday morning.

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Mud-suits, pizza and outdoor art

It has been another effective week of learning in Nursery. The children are growing in confidence, awareness of themselves and as learners.

Mud Kitchen 

This week we have supported the children to learn how to use the mud kitchen. The mud kitchen is an exciting area to develop imagination and apply mathematical skills. By measuring and mixing, potions can be created as well as using the timer to check mud pies don’t burn in the oven! The most important skill the children have been learning is to independently dress in all in one waterproof suits and welly boots.

This week we have also continued our cooking. On Thursday another two groups took the role of chefs and prepared some delicious pizzas. We also welcomed our families into Nursery to share our learning. Inspired by works of art the children and their families created their own leaf pictures.

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EYFS collaborative cooking has begun.

Today the first two groups from Nursery and Reception worked collaboratively to create and cook their own pizzas. The children talked to each other to share their ideas and discuss how to decorate their pizza.

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Their was lots of discussion about hygiene and the health benefits of all the different vegetables on offer as toppings. We explored the seeds inside the peppers and the different textures of the mushrooms.

In the afternoon Reception put their mathematical thinking to the test to solve the problem. How do you share four pizzas between twelve children. How do you think we did it?

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Developing fine and gross motor strength

In Nursery we spend a significant amount of our learning developing both fine and gross motor strength to prepare for the early stages of writing. We tackle this in lots of creative ways!


Gross motor skills are involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts and movements.

Tree climbing (or any other climbing!)


Double handed drawing

Chalk writing on a horizontal (wall, board)

Fine motor skill (or dexterity) is the coordination of small muscles, in movements—usually involving the synchronization of hands and fingers—with the eyes.

Picking up small objects


Using tweezers

Developing scissors skills

Balancing small items (marbles, golf tees etc)

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