Pause, wonder, reflect, question…

I stumbled upon these amazing photos on the BBC website, and had to share with you; they stopped me in my tracks and lots of questions popped into my head. What questions pop into your head when you look at these images?

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Amazing competition photos – CBBC Newsround

This year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition attracted over 45,000 entries from professionals and amateurs across 95 countries. The exhibition goes on display on 19 October at the Natural History Museum in London.

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Nursery go sailing

Today Nursery went sailing. We walked to the bus stop, jumped on the bus and then walked to the lakes. The children had a safety briefing and then put their bouncy aids on before heading into the boats. They started the morning with a paddling and ball game before the boats were tied together and they were towed around the lake.

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After a quick break the children headed back on onto the tug boat which they got to steer!

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On Friday, a pupil from Nursery woke to find a bat in their bathroom! They came to school to share their news and this created a buzz in Nursery and the children were desperate to find out more. They drew pictures, made books, researched on the Ipad and during their library visit with Mrs Stroms used the non-fiction books to find out more.

They started to make models and paintings too.

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Nursery stay for lunch

This week Nursery are staying for lunch to support their transition into Reception. Today they selected either lasagne or a cheese wheel. They queued up, ordered their food and topped up from the salad bar. They then sat in the hall and ate their lunch before being joined by the older children.

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Nursery get out and about

This week Nursery had planned to visit our local farm. Unfortunately due to the extreme heat their little legs tired and we changed the plan! Walking around our local community children shared their journeys to and from school as well as pointing out other personal landmarks.

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At the park the children had an opportunity to create maps and drawings of the park. We then went to McColls where every child bought an ice lolly. We soon discovered we needed to head back quickly as ice lollies don’t last long in the sunshine!


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Welcome to EYFS

Today it has been great to welcome families to some information sessions about the EYFS. New parents bonded over a cup of tea and had opportunities to explore learning from the perspective of a 3 and 4 year old.

We look forward to welcoming new Nursery children to stay and play sessions on Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th.

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Story Share

This week Year 1 became authors. They finished writing their own version of the story ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’. Today Year one had the chance to become story tellers, sharing their stories with nursery and teaching them the actions to the story. Nursery had a great time listening and Year 1 loved sharing their learning

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Year 1 Oral Story Telling – Monkey Say, Monkey Do!

This week I have been working with Year 1 to develop their writing. They have learnt a story using a story map and retold it many times. They have innovated it with extra details and changed some aspects using drama techniques.

We have focussed on ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES, ADJECTIVES! We have used adjectives to describe shape, colour and texture.

On Wednesday we started writing the story in full and this continued on Thursday afternoon. I have been fortunate to work with different groups of children to challenge them on specific focuses for their learning . . . . . ensure all writing sits on the line, write descenders under the line (q,y,p and g), join handwriting and don’t forget full stops and capital letters.


The children have shown great focus and concentration to write for over twenty five minutes at a time. Ask them to read you their stories.

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Family Learning in Nursery

Every Friday Nursery welcome their families in to share learning. During this time we show families what learning is and how we break down the complexities of each stage. This week we focused on number using a resource called Numicon. If you want to find out more about Numicon click here.

  1. Ordered Numicon
  2. Arranged Numicon to make pictures
  3. Created patterns with the pegs
  4. Drew around Numicon
  5. Felt for specific shapes
  6. Shared a number story

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