Learning Festival

Tonight we all shared our learning projects with the FGB. This was an opportunity to articulate the wonderful leaderships projects that are led by everyone in school.

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There was a real buzz around school as posters, booklets, photographs and displays were shared. It was great to see true leadership so visible. The Governors commented on the quality of the projects including visible impact upon learners (adults and children) and the wide variety of approaches to develop pupils independence.

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Toy appeal!

As some of you may know, year 5 have taken upon it on themselves to transform the Courtyard Garden (with the raised pond) into a calm, beautiful place to learn and reflect. They aren’t doing this just for themselves, they are doing it for the whole school community.

They have written to some local businesses to ask for help, but, not wanting to rely on this, have decided to raise some money themselves.

Toy Appeal!

Amman and his team had the great idea of selling 2nd hand (used) toys at the Summer Fair. If you have any toys that your child does not want/use anymore – we’d be really grateful if you could donate them to us.

The toys need to be:

  • In working order
  • Complete
  • Clean
  • Undamaged

This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (before and after school) there will be a toy ‘drop off station’ in the playground, manned by Year 5. We’d be very grateful for your toy/puzzle/game donations – it will go along way to helping us achieve our aim of a beautiful Courtyard Garden.


Garden Fund-Raising Day – Friday 16th June

Year 5 are also planning some fund-raising events on Friday 16th June including: A sponsored fun run, a bake sale and a collection. Look out for more details later this week (they are busy planning them at the moment!)

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Y5: Pond/Courtyard Project

Year 5 have been doing a great job of deciding how we move ahead with carrying out our makeover of the courtyard garden with the pond. ┬áHere is a snapshot of what’s happened so far:

On the last day of term, you all wrote letters to various local/national businesses to ask for help. I posted the letters today – let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for a response!

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Y5: Shocking Scenes!

Warning. The images below are of a very upsetting nature. They show disturbing scenes of ‘neglect and abandonment’ (Year 5’s words). Anyone offended by what they see should go immediately to a member of year 5 and demand to know what can be done to stop harrowing images like this appearing in our school. Click ‘Read More’, if you dare… (more…)

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Year 6 – Grammar Games

Year 6 have had a great literacy lesson, playing games they have created. They spent sessions last week reflecting on grammar terminology and discussing areas they would like to explore and understand further. I was amazed to see the thought that the children had put into their games. Year 6, how do you think this has supported your learning?

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How do Y5 feel, when they’re at school?

Year 5 thought about the range of emotions they experience at school and how to/how not to react to them. I can identify with most of them and loved the empathy demonstrated. Some comments, however, actually made me feel quite sad; they were more negative than I thought they would be.

I really value the honesty shown in some of these thoughts – We can all learn from them.

(We made these using the ‘Explain Everything’ app on the iPads.)

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