Year 6 – Battleship fun

To consolidate our Maths learning this week, Year 6  have had great fun playing battleships with a partner of their choice. They showed great maturity in their choices of their partner and thought about themselves as a learner rather than working with their friends. Year 6, how did you decide who you wanted to learn with this morning?

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Care and Achieve – LSAs lead change

This academic year our LSAs are leading a project of change. Each project is designed to develop pupil independence in different ways. Over the year the LSAs have created posters as part of their project plan and shared these with a widening audience. We have been asked to share them at a forthcoming Learning Network Event hosted by The Centre of Excellence for Social Learning.

Why is pupil independence so important to learning and how does this develop life long learners?


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Year 6 – Councillor visit

This morning, Year 6 welcomed Councillor Andrew Scarth to their class. They were extremely enthusiatic and engaged in the role of a councillor. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions and they shared there learning both in and out of the school with him.

We would like to say a big thank you to Councillor Andrew Scarth for taking time to come and see our school.

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Bad Hair Day – £543.30 raised

Today our community dug deep and raised an impressive £543.30. Children and adults embraced bad hair day with great spirit and creativity. We had everything from hair in coke bottles to wacky wigs.

Some of our Year Six pupils led part of our assembly to share information about how G.O.S.H. use the money to fund research, treatment and support to families.

Many thanks for all your generosity.

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