Don’t forget to let love in.

This week in assembly we have been discussing how we let love in. We identified different ways we can show love and opportunities when we can do this. We also looked at pictures and thought about the following . . .

*We are all special – there are 6.7 billion people on the planet but there is only one us

*We are the apple of someones eye – knowing we are loved helps our heart to grow

*How do we develop love for ourselves? What do we love about ourselves?

What have you done to grow your heart?

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Dogs Helping Kids – Day 2

The learning has continued and it is now the start of a long, three year process. Mrs Trickett will be sharing information with Governors, children and staff in the run up to the summer holidays ready for a new school arrival in the next academic year. On Friday, Mr Trickett was learning how dogs can read!

Here is a poster to start thinking about and discussing as a family . . . . . .


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Dogs Helping Kids – Day 1

On Thursday 21st, Ms Trickett spent the first day of training at DHK HQ in Devon. It was great to hear from a local school who shared their experience of having a school dog and the impact it has on school. With a pass rate of only 30% in the first year, of three years training, the focus is on choosing the appropriate bread for school and home. A lot of work to do but we hope we will be bringing a dog to Maple Cross in the new academic year. Be warned, in Year 1 the dog is behind the scenes and in training.

Check out more info on the DHK website –

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Year 5 leadership: Playground developments

Over the past 10 days a group of Year 5 pupils have independently acted to improve their lunchtimes.

  1. The children started talking to each other about what they don’t like about lunchtimes
  2. They spoke to their class teacher who encouraged them to speak to Mrs Trickett (being proactive)
  3. The children shared their vision (begin with the end goal in mind)
  4. They described what they wanted
  5. Working together they created an assembly (Win – Win)

The Year 5 children’s project links to Mrs Bone TLDW (teacher led development work project) and they will be collaborating to bring their vision to life. Watch this space for the next developments or speak to Reuben, Charlotte, Conor, Flo or Beth for more information.

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