Caterpillars in nursery are growing so fast!

The caterpillars that arrived last week have grown so much.  Now that they are bigger we can see more detail.  The children have noticed that they look ‘spikey’ and there is a green line running all along their sides.  With half term fast approaching, we hope they’ll wait until we get back to turn into butterflies.  We’ll keep you posted on their developments.

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Chicks in EYFS

What a fascinating couple of weeks Reception and Nursery have had seeing 13 chicks hatch and grow…

The children have loved observing the chicks and how they have been changing in appearance and developing new skills such as jumping.  They also had the opportunity to hold a chick and describe how that felt.  Sadly today we had to say good bye to the chicks today.   If you would like to talk more to your child about how they will look when they are fully grown please look up the breed Cream Legbar Chicken.

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