Introducing…’Y2 Museum of Interesting Things’

It’s funny how good ideas come about. I was speaking to my colleagues about how the Y2 children  like to share random objects, that they found on the field, with me. I said something along the lines of, “Its cute but what do I do with it all!”

Ms Fox suggested I start a class museum. I was sceptical, but thought i’d give it a try.

We discussed the idea as a class and thought about what how objects are presented in museums. We decided that each exhibit should be named, should include the date found, the name of the collector, the place it was found and a brief description. We also discussed what our museum should be called. The name we settled on was a combination of three of the children’s suggestions.

I set to work and made sure that the museum was ready to launch the next day. We agreed that time would be given directly after lunch to either write out a museum card or read.  If i’m being really honest, I thought (hoped?) that by introducing the extra hurdle of writing about these ‘found’ objects, I wouldn’t get as many!

How wrong I was. I’ve never seen so many objects brought in after lunch! About two thirds of the class came in with their object (mainly stones!), grabbed an exhibit card and sat and wrote. Not because they had been asked to, because they wanted to.  Not only that, they measured, described, examined and discussed. Amazing.

Now we have a structure in place for the children to share those things that they value and a purposeful vehicle for learning. We can take this to so many places. I’m excited. We’re excited!

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Reception visit the Fire Station

Reception have had a wonderful visit to Rickmansworth Fire Station today.  We travelled to the Fire Station by bus.  As we left the bus stop and walked to the Fire Station, a member of the public commented on the excellent behaviour of the children and how they were a credit to the school.  They certainly are and a credit to their parents too!

The children were able to see the equipment on the fire engine, sit in the fire engine and each child had a turn at squirting the hose.

Mrs Scourfield and Miss Heydarzadeh had been sponsored to wear their Children in Need Onezies to the Fire Station and raised £30 for Children in Need.

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Nursery and Year 3 reading buddies – Week 2

Today was Nurseries second visit to the Yr3 classroom. The Yr3 children welcomed their reading partner and read a book to them. It was wonderful to see questions being asked and discussions around what was happening in the illustrations as well as one pair acting out what was happening on each page!

After reading, a range of activities continued in the Nursery reading journals. Children wrote lists of the favourite words and characters, others copied illustrations and one pair began to think about creating a story map. Nursery are looking forward to next week.

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Year 6 Basketball Runners up!

This afternoon, the year 6 basketball team showed amazing sports skills at the Three Rivers and Watford Sports Partnership basketball competition. They showed great collaborative skills and with it being their first time playing basketball, excellent risk taking was shown. They pushed each other in all their games and they finished the evening as runners up! Well done to Year 6 and Miss Wilson!

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Year 3 Reading Leaders

Today Year 3 started their first reading leadership session with Nursery. Year 3 carefully selected books, and then read it to their partner. Afterwards the reading leaders and Nursery worked collaboratively to add to their reading journals. There were illustrations of favorite characters and settings as well as Year 3 recording on speech bubbles what Nursery had said.

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Year 3 were incredible. They patiently asked questions and  considered how best to involve their Nursery partner. We look forward to carrying this on every Tuesday morning.

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Shakespeare Evening

Year 5 and 6 blew us away with their stunning performances of Shakespeare. It was so incredible to see how hard the children worked, how many risks they took and how well they supported each other to put together such a brilliant evening for everybody. I was so proud of every child, the commitment they made to their learning and the enthusiasm they showed for Shakespeare and acting

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