Year 6 – WW2 leaders research

After our discussion in the morning about who the various nations leaders were during World War 2, there are some links below which you may want to use to:

1. Look at the websites below and decide which leader you would like to make a factfile about.

2. Using the sheet provided, create factfile. Remember we are not copying! Write the information down in your own words. We are particularly interested in what they did, and what impact they had on the course of the war.

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Year 1 – water colours

Within literacy, the children have been rewriting their favourite story, the robot and the bluebird. Today they created their own little bird who brings the robots heart back to life. The focus of today’s learning was the use of water colours and how to create delicate strokes like feathers.

The children reviewed their paintings as a whole class and identified that too much water causes the colours to run. For the second paintings the children decided to use less water and focus on the shapes they can make with the paintbrush.

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FGB – 26.11.18

This evening, Emma Gaydon from HS2 kicked of FGB with an update of the impact of HS2 on our community and outlined key areas which she is working on, on our behalf.

We welcomed Mr Munnelly to his first meeting and we are looking forward in working with him.

Topics discussed amongst others:

  • Attendance
  • Impact of the new maths planning
  • SIP and SEF review discussion along with future focus
  • School finances
  • School parliament update
  • Parent questionnaire feedback
  • Future redevelopments…. watch this space
  • Governor day updates

It was a productive evening full of questions, discussions and further actions.

Date of the next meeting – Monday 21st January 2019



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Whole School Litter Pick

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This afternoon, the entire school, including parents/carers, teachers and children, went outside and cleared areas of the school from rubbish. This was due to the school parliament discussing their end of year goal where they would like to improve the local environment.

During an assembly, prior to the litter pick, school parliament members shared with the school, reasons why the environment is important and projects that will be happening in classes to support the school aim. A newsletter will be coming out next week with more details.

We would like to thank those parents and carers who took time to support our litter pick.

Below is the video, shared in assembly this afternoon.

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Year 6 – STEM afternoon

Year 6 spent the afternoon at St Clement Danes School where they took part in a STEM challenge and had the opportunity to go inside a planetarium. The children used a range of skills to support them during their STEM challenge and asked a range of high quality questions during the planetarium visit. Thank you to St. Clement Danes school for hosting and STEM ambassadors for organising.

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Year 6 -Journey Outreach

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Today, year 6 have had a great day of thinking and enquiry. We were extremely lucky to be joined by a team from The National Holocaust Centre and Museum who shared an insightful journey of a boy, Leo, in 1938. The children took part in a range of discussions and were given clues to establish who the boy was and how his journey from a Berlin began. It has been extremely insightful for the children and todays experience will be the foundation for our next piece of writing!


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