Parent Friday – Irish Stew

It was lovely to have Northern Ireland and Ireland represented at Parent Friday – our differences make us stronger! Thank you to Ms Mitchell and Ms Dwyer for their delicious stew and soda bread and the stories of why they were important to them growing up. Our last Parent Friday is the 6th July. I hope to see you there!

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No Marking Feedback

After developing some basic approaches to no marking feedback beginning in our inset in September, teachers have been researching and evolving approaches to fine tune their feedback. This also includes supporting children to feedback on their own and others’ work. Taking this even further, the Key Stage 2 teachers have been involved in a research pilot project with Dr. Deborah Jones of Brunel University. What skills and knowledge do teachers and pupils need to learn in order to engage in the most effective feedback?

Dr. Jones joins us on Wednesday to share the research so far…watch this space!

Best quote from a teacher so far, “The children are writing what I would have written, but immediately in the lesson. This means they can carry on driving their learning without having to wait for their worked to be marked by the teacher the next day or week!”

Exciting times at Maple Cross!

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Reflection Section – TLDW Update

Today we held our Friday briefing in the sunshine within the Reflection Section. The TLDW participants shared updates of where they are with their project and where they want to take it further.

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The TLDW has empowered colleagues to lead an aspect of school development. It has impacted both the intended development priority and also the participants themselves. We look forward to seeing who takes on a TLDW in the next academic year.

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Sewing Club









Sewing Club did an amazing job of making Tutu’s today. They had to put each strand on individually which took along time. But they were resilient and with a positive mental attitude they were able to finish them in time to take home. What do you think? I think they look fantastic.

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Maple Cross Explorers Groups 1 and 2

Today we explored in the glorious sunshine. Group 1 became detectives and tried to find evidence of different animals that may have visited the grounds. We found lots of evidence of birds and found holes that could have been made by foxes or rabbits. We explored by the pond and saw a beautiful dragonfly gliding over the water.

Group 2, collected items to make a potion with. They then stirred their potions with a special stirring stick. Did your spells work Group 2

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