FGB Meeting – 27/11/17

Another very useful meeting – much discussion, as always, about the journey our school has been on, and the direction we are heading in. We welcomed 3 new governors: Simon Cutmore, Angela Killick & Elizabeth Maykels.

Items discussed included:

  • Parental Survey feedback
  • Review of SEF (School Evaluation Form)
  • Feedback from Academisation Working Party

REMINDER: If you would like to discuss any aspect of school life with the Chair of Governors, Amanda Erasmus, please feel free to post a letter in the Governors Postbox, in the reception area, or email chair@maplecross.herts.sch.uk

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FGB Meeting – 25/9/17

Another fruitful FGB meeting…

We welcomed Phillip Williams to the Governing Body. Phillip brings a wealth of experience from the private sector and from Three Rivers District Council. He was also recently elected to replace Ann Shaw, who died earlier this year, so it’s fitting that he can carry on her good work.

Amanda Erasmus was appointed as the new Chair of the FGB, and Richard Page was appointed as Vice Chair. We wish them both well and thank John Reynolds, the outgoing Chair, for all his endeavours.

Amongst many other topics, we discussed:

  • The evolution of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Update on the schools approach to emotion coaching.
  • Analysis of parental feedback


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Learning Festival

Tonight we all shared our learning projects with the FGB. This was an opportunity to articulate the wonderful leaderships projects that are led by everyone in school.

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There was a real buzz around school as posters, booklets, photographs and displays were shared. It was great to see true leadership so visible. The Governors commented on the quality of the projects including visible impact upon learners (adults and children) and the wide variety of approaches to develop pupils independence.

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FGB 10th July 2017

The Full Governing Body were in a buoyant mood tonight following on from this evenings ‘Learning Festival’. The governors extend their thanks to everyone that gave their time to share their experience of Learning & Leadership.

Other matters discussed include:

  • Ways of remembering Ann Shaw’s contribution to the school.
  • SEN annual report
  • evolution of principles of learning
  • format and content of meetings from September.

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Resources and Personnel Committee Meeting

Tonight the Governors from our R&P committee met to discuss a range of topics including;

  • Clubs and external providers
  • Budget awaiting approval from finance
  • Health and safety report
  • Review of charging and remission policy including school dinners and Debt collection policy
  • Teaching and Learning Policy – discussions around the learning journey
  • Current working parties
  • Safeguarding updates including today’s NSPCC assembly
  • Emotion Coaching


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Full Governing Body Meeting

A lively discussion, as always. We welcomed two new governors, Amanda Erasmus and Natalie Timonay, and look forward to their invaluable contributions.

Many matters were discussed including:

  • How much everyone enjoyed the recent ‘Governor Day’. It was a great opportunity to talk with the children about their learning.
  • The budget for next year was approved.
  • Reflected on the strength of the school’s approach to staff  CPD.
  • Governors CPD included identifying our schools unique strengths and how these impact on learning.

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