FGB – October 5th 2021

The Governing Body met via zoom this evening.

The Chair and Vice Chair were reappointed with Liz Maykels and Laura Whyte returning to their roles respectively.

The head teacher’s report was received and outlined the Maple Cross Community expectations.

Governors spent time discussing review of the School Improvement Plans and looking at it moving forward.

The minutes of the last meeting were received and approved.  Policies were agreed and adaptations were discussed when necessary.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th December 2021.

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Year 1 Book Illustrations

Year 1s have been reading Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris as our final text this year. We have been so inspired by the illustrations in the book that we have created and painted our own dragon illustrations today. On Monday we will write poems about our dragons on these “book pages” and present them to the class.

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FGB – 6th July 2021

The full Governing Body met, via Zoom, last night, for the final meeting of the school year.
It was a full agenda which included items on the School Improvement Plan, Budget, Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.
Governors discussed Safeguarding and the Annual SEN Report and approved the new Anti Bullying guidance which included input from children across school.
They received an analysis of the completed Parents’ questionnaires and undertook to complete their own review regarding the skills and competences that they bring to the Governing Body.
The Governors thanked all staff, children, parents and carers for their hard work and commitment over the past year and approved the arrangements  for next year whilst Mrs. Trickett is on maternity leave.

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Puppet Making in Year 1

Year 1s learned and applied new skills today in joining textiles. They explored gluing, stapling, safety pinning and finally sewing together pieces of fabric. They designed their puppet characters from the Gingerbread Man and threaded their needles to do basic stitching. Some found it very tricky to persevere with the sewing and we were impressed with their resilience and willingness to try new things. Superb effort Year 1s!

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Year 1 Forest School

At their Forest School session this afternoon the Year 1s enjoyed a campfire! First they hunted down appropriate sticks to prepare for marshmallow roasting. Then after a couple of listening games the fire were lit and the marshmallow roasting began. The children showed great listening skills and fire safety and had a really lovely time.

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Year 6 – Ready, Steady, Cook!

Year 6 have had an incredible DT day today, cooking and baking. The children spent some time before half term planning their recipes in groups. They were given the task of creating a 3 course meal to include and a starter using red bell peppers, mains using salmon and desserts using pineapple. We had a range of dishes from salmon and cucumber sushi, to pineapple and coconut cupcakes, honey glazed salmon to pineapple pancakes.

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