Year 6 – Battleship fun

To consolidate our Maths learning this week, Year 6  have had great fun playing battleships with a partner of their choice. They showed great maturity in their choices of their partner and thought about themselves as a learner rather than working with their friends. Year 6, how did you decide who you wanted to learn with this morning?

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Year 4 maths Roman numerals

Year 4 have been learning about Roman numerals in their maths lesson. They went outside and each child was given  either a number or Roman number. Then they had to find someone  who had a matching number.

Katie said, “It was fun finding a partner with a matching number.” Laila said she enjoyed making a human clock with the Roman numbers.

Can you guess what number XXI  is ?


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Year 6 – Zumba

Due to the rain this morning, we were unable to run outdoors so we took the opportunity to do a 15 min Zumba activity which was instructed by Miss Short. Both myself and Miss Short had a great time and felt ready for the learning ahead.

Year 6 – What are your thoughts on the Zumba this morning? Let us know your thoughts.

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