School Council Elections in Year 1

Today was Election Day in Year 1! The children had the opportunity this morning to share with their peers why they thought they would make a good School Council candidate. Some reasons included being responsible, working well with others, creative ideas and being able to speak confidently. Then the children voted and the votes were tallied. We are very proud and excited for our new School Council representatives to take on their new leadership roles in the school.

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Year 1 Forest School

For our last Forest School session of this term, we combined with the Year 2s to have hot chocolate around the campfire! We listened to a story about filling up your bucket – positive things we like that make us feel good. Each child took a ball and shared one thing that fills up their bucket. As we closed out our Forest School session, each child put their ball in the buckets to fill them up. A big thank you to Mrs Bone for organising these spectacular Forest School sessions!


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This evening the FGB met via Zoom.

Minutes from the last meeting were signed and matters arising discussed.

Ms Trickett, shared the Head’s report and answered governors’ questions.

Curriculum reports of Science, MFL and DT were received and discussed.

Safeguarding updates were shared and governors are aware of changes that come into force in September. Governors discussed questions on how safe do our children feel in school and said that they knew children were safe by looking at reports, observing children and asking questions.

School policies were received and approved and a report on the recent finance meeting was delivered.

A verbal report on pupil leadership was shared.

An upcoming governor training date was shared.

Our SEN governor, Mr Steve Pidgeon, explained details of his meeting with our new INCO Ms Jessica Lawley.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 17th May at 6.00pm.

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Outdoor science day – year 4

Yesterday, Year 4 spent their whole day doing science activities around the topic of ‘States of matter’.

We recapped what this meant, and began to do some investigations. We were looking into whether ice would melt quicker in different locations, how our clothes dry outside via evaporation and even made our own water cycles! The children were so engaged and worked so hard to carry out the investigations and discuss their results.

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Outdoor Science Day – Year 2

This morning, Year 2 have spent the morning exploring plants for our outdoor science day. We begun with revisiting the skills we need as Scientists and we looked back at previous learning about Jane Caulden, a botanist. After spending time using our white hats to share all the facts we knew, we looked at the parts of the plant and the jobs each part had. We used our outdoor area to record what we had found.

We continued after break to explore the plants outdoors. We used 3 out of 5 senses to explore this and the children showed great leadership by being positive communicators when leading their groups.

We ended the morning making recycled planters. We discussed the importance of using recycled materials. The children were amazed at how small the Oregano seeds were. We look forward to seeing them grow over the next few weeks.

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Year 2 – DT Day

Food, A Balanced Diet, was our DT day topic in Year 2. The children were given the task of designing, making and evaluating a healthy snack. Prior to designing, the children explored how sugar was made made and were shocked at the amount of hidden sugars in fruit juices and fizzy drinks.

Year 2 explored the 5 food groups and ensured when designing they had a healthy balance, using cranberry sauce as a treat!

When making their wraps, the children learnt the bridge and claw cutting method to cut their vegetables.

Once made, the children evaluated their wraps, for smell, appearance and taste and thought about what they would change when making a wrap next time.

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DT day in year 3

Today in year 3, we made pneumatic monsters powered by air.

The children went through the process of investigating the uses of pneumatics with a variety of experiments. After break they designed their monsters before spending the afternoon creating them and powering them with pneumatic mechanisms!


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