FGB Meeting – 25/9/17

Another fruitful FGB meeting…

We welcomed Phillip Williams to the Governing Body. Phillip brings a wealth of experience from the private sector and from Three Rivers District Council. He was also recently elected to replace Ann Shaw, who died earlier this year, so it’s fitting that he can carry on her good work.

Amanda Erasmus was appointed as the new Chair of the FGB, and Richard Page was appointed as Vice Chair. We wish them both well and thank John Reynolds, the outgoing Chair, for all his endeavours.

Amongst many other topics, we discussed:

  • The evolution of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Update on the schools approach to emotion coaching.
  • Analysis of parental feedback


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Y2: Gorillas & Butterflys

I had an idea. I was a little worried that people would laugh but I decided to tell them anyway. I told all of year 2, Mrs Manser and Mr Watson; they didn’t laugh. They pitched in their ideas and the idea started to grow. The jumbled idea isn’t mine anymore, it’s ours (more of the jumbled ideas to follow).

I don’t think we’re ready to share any more of the idea yet; we need to get to know our idea abit more. However, I will share this picture with you. It’s really for Y2 but i’d welcome thoughts from everyone. What does it make you think about? What words come to your mind?

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