R/KS1 Assembly – What has Tiddler got to do with integrity, honesty and truth?

In our assembly today, we thought about the words integrity, honesty and truth. We discussed a few ideas about what the words might mean but agreed that we need more time to discuss with our classes.

We then read the opening of Tiddler, by Julia Donaldson and considered what these words have to do with the story.

Maybe you can think about some different words that mean the same thing (synonyms) or maybe you could give an example of what this word might look like in the classroom? I look forward to hearing what your class thought about your word.

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Y2: “Lets go fly a kite…”

It wasn’t the activity that i’d planned for the second half of the afternoon, but the terrific gale that was blowing this afternoon was difficult to ignore! we decided to be impulsive and made some kites! I love the pure, unbridled joy on the children’s faces!

What did we learn?

‘…that the wind gets blocked by the trees.’

‘…that the kite flies better when we stand still.’

‘…that the kite flies better the higher you hold it.’

‘…that you need to grasp opportunities as they arise!’



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Food Bank Donation

Huge thanks to our Maple Cross community for raising a magnificent £231.30 at the KS1 Christmas performance and Christmas Celebration at St Thomas’ church.

Our School Council agreed that this should be donated to the local food bank so that we can help local people who, for a variety of reasons, don’t have enough money for a decent meal. Iris, from the food bank, explained to the School Council how the food bank works and showed them how they organise all their food. It’s quite an operation!

Mr Roberts often talks about ‘making a difference. By making your donation, you helped us to help Iris and her team to make a big difference to nearly 70 people/families in the WD3 area.

Thank you, and Happy Christmas!


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KS1 Christmas Performance – Dress Rehearsal

Dear KS1 parents,

Obviously, we weren’t able to go ahead with the dress rehearsal today – but we have managed to squeeze an extra performance in tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9.30am. If you had a ticket for today, please use it to gain entry tomorrow.  I know this is short notice, but i’m sure you understand that we couldn’t have for foreseen the school closure today, and with such a packed diary this week anyway, this was the only time available. Hope to see you at 9.30am tomorrow!

Please don’t use tickets from today for the Wednesday evening performance as we are already at capacity.

We will try to resolve all issues – please contact the office in the first instance.

Mr Flint

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FGB Meeting – 27/11/17

Another very useful meeting – much discussion, as always, about the journey our school has been on, and the direction we are heading in. We welcomed 3 new governors: Simon Cutmore, Angela Killick & Elizabeth Maykels.

Items discussed included:

  • Parental Survey feedback
  • Review of SEF (School Evaluation Form)
  • Feedback from Academisation Working Party

REMINDER: If you would like to discuss any aspect of school life with the Chair of Governors, Amanda Erasmus, please feel free to post a letter in the Governors Postbox, in the reception area, or email chair@maplecross.herts.sch.uk

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Introducing…’Y2 Museum of Interesting Things’

It’s funny how good ideas come about. I was speaking to my colleagues about how the Y2 children  like to share random objects, that they found on the field, with me. I said something along the lines of, “Its cute but what do I do with it all!”

Ms Fox suggested I start a class museum. I was sceptical, but thought i’d give it a try.

We discussed the idea as a class and thought about what how objects are presented in museums. We decided that each exhibit should be named, should include the date found, the name of the collector, the place it was found and a brief description. We also discussed what our museum should be called. The name we settled on was a combination of three of the children’s suggestions.

I set to work and made sure that the museum was ready to launch the next day. We agreed that time would be given directly after lunch to either write out a museum card or read.  If i’m being really honest, I thought (hoped?) that by introducing the extra hurdle of writing about these ‘found’ objects, I wouldn’t get as many!

How wrong I was. I’ve never seen so many objects brought in after lunch! About two thirds of the class came in with their object (mainly stones!), grabbed an exhibit card and sat and wrote. Not because they had been asked to, because they wanted to.  Not only that, they measured, described, examined and discussed. Amazing.

Now we have a structure in place for the children to share those things that they value and a purposeful vehicle for learning. We can take this to so many places. I’m excited. We’re excited!

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