Y3 Practising their Wednesday Maths key skills!

Every Wednesday afternoon, after their library/topic session, Year 3 practice getting quicker and quicker at completing their number bonds. They now only have 25 seconds to complete their test’s and have risen to the challenge! Here they are enjoying some number bond games before their tests. Please ask your children what number bonds they are on each week to help support them at home.

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Y5: Have been thinking about what it was like to be an evacuee in the war.

Today Year 5 and some year 3 and 4 children have been learning about what happened to children who were evacuated during the war. They were surprised to learn that if they had lived in a busy city during the war, they would have been sent away to live with either relatives or a host family in the countryside where it was safer, leaving their grown up’s behind!

Next week they will be writing as an evacuee from their plans, see examples below, a letter home to their families telling them all about their experiences from leaving their grown ups at the train station to travelling to the countryside and meeting their new host families and joining a new school. Please ask your children to share what they have learnt so far!

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