Familiar faces in Year 1

Today Year 1 have have the pleasure of sharing their learning day with some members of Year 3. So far this morning, they have worked collaboratively in groups to take part in some phonics and literacy challenges:

– Writing as many words as they can for special friend sounds

– Reflecting and improving Miss Crowley’s very boring sentence

We have had some amazing literacy language being used and have also had some brilliant examples of commas and conjunctions to extend sentences.

Within our maths learning Year 3 also became learning ambassadors and helped Year 1 to find more and less by working systematically. I have even had to give up my teaching chair for a fantastic reader, who showed great risk taking in reading the snack time story. I can’t wait to see the rest of the learning to follow!


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How much are you selling it for?

Today in Maple Cross explorers, group 3 worked together to create their own nature necklaces. I was very impressed with their collaboration skills! The older children helped the younger children learn how to use the hole punch and showed them how to thread their string through the holes. The children especially enjoyed making up prices for their finished pieces. 

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Nothing could dampen our spirit!

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their trip to the Ruislip Lido. We wanted to explore the weather and we certainly got to…Bright sunshine, grey skies and then strong down pours of heavy rain. However, nothing could dampen our spirits! We enjoyed exploring summer activities in the differing weather conditions instead: riding the steam train, playing on the beach, having a picnic and even enjoying the treat of an ice cream. A beautiful day in the beautiful British weather!

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Which way do I go?

This week Year 1 have been exploring directional language. They have focused on left and right and have now started to explore types of turns. They greatly enjoyed their collaborative outdoor learning on Monday and loved to write their own directional instruction map. If you see any Year 1 students, ask them to show you and explain about their direction hands!

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Jam tart shopping list


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This week Year 1 have been reading a non- fiction book called ‘Jam tarts’. It explains how to go on a shopping trip and buy different food items. Year 1 loved reading about the trip and decided that they would like to go on a trip to the shops themselves. This morning they have been working collaboratively to create a shopping list of the ingredients needed to make Jam tarts. They numbered each item and used their sound mats and Fred talk to sound out. Some children even managed to spell their red words correctly! They are very excited to bring their shopping lists with them after break and can’t wait to work out the money they need to spend 😊

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Christingle creativity

This morning, during our Religious Education lesson, Year 1 learnt about the Christian tradition of making christingles. They learnt about what each part represented in the Christian faith and were very respectful and understanding of differing religious viewpoints. They then worked systematically to create their very own christingles. If you see anyone from Year 1, ask them about what each part of the christingle stands for.

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