Intergenerational Parent Friday – Joan’s Scones!

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Joan to share her scone related stories. We all were able to learn so much and enjoyed some delicious scones as well.

What did we have in common with Joan’s scones and her story?

“It tastes like a jam tart because the bread bit feels hard like tarts.”

“It reminds me of my grandma’s biscuits.”

And what differences did we learn about?

“[During the war] Joan didn’t have eggs but I could go to the shops and get as many as I want!”

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Parent Friday Learning from each other

On Friday, we had the pleasure of learning about and tasting some traditional food from Fahreen Barkatali (Lyla’s mum in Reception.) People thought about what was similar to their own experiences: learning to cook from grandma, eating rice together, having a special meal that you make at the weekend (a Sunday Roast), having a comfort food. People thought about what was different to their own experiences: a new flavour, a new texture, a new colour, do we always pay enough attention to the stories our grandparents tell us?

A huge thank you to Fahreen for taking a risk and communicating her own learning in such a positive way. Thank you to everyone who attended and was able to reflect on what we have in common and what makes us different.

This has all been possible thanks to our partnership with Dadima’s (Punjabi for Grandmother) with Anni and Geeta. Thank you,

This Friday, Ms Trickett will introduce our next presenter (my mother-in-law!) who will be sharing a Czech dish. We will again consider what similarities do we have and how learning about our differences can make us even stronger! The class in attendance will be Year 1, but as always, all are welcome!

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Parent Friday – Food Tasting – 2:45 Friday…

As you know, in partnership with  ‘Connecting Generations’ and the Maple Cross Student Council, we will be sharing our

experiences, cultures, learning and wisdom, across the generations, through the medium of food.
  Gathering age-old culinary wisdom to share and connect generations

Everyone is invited to attend as always, but this half-term, we will trial having a focus class who will be given the chance to experience cuisine from different cultures, families or backgrounds.

To begin with:

Friday 27th April:  Reception class focus.
Friday 4th May:  Year 1 class focus.
Friday 11th May:  Year 2 class focus.
Friday 118th May:  Year 3 class focus.

If you are able to attend, please do join us to learn about what we have in common and what we can learn from other community members who come from a wide range of cultures, ages and backgrounds. We do still have a few slots for someone to share their own special dish that has been important to them growing up: Was it something your Gran always made you? A special recipe from mum?

If you would like to offer to present a dish for a few minutes or to find out more, do drop us a line or come and experience our first intergenerational cultural learning one on the 27th to see what to expect!

I look forward to seeing many of you there.

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