Year 5 Hertfordshire Maths Competition

I was incredibly impressed by four of our Year 5 children who represented Maple Cross at the Hertfordshire Year 5 Maths competition for the first time last month. The children showed fantastic positive mental attitudes and demonstrated outstanding teamwork. Congratulations to our team who will be ambassadors to next Year’s competitors.

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Dear Everyone,

Following consultation with other local heads, a slippy drive home and a fall on my backside, we will not be open tomorrow.

While we do everything we can to open, I cannot guarantee the safety of the staff travelling to or from work and wanted to give parents as much notice as possible.

Thank you for understanding this decision. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, all being well!

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Maple Cross Philosophy and Education Symposium – Exploring Possibility…

Maple Cross JMI and Nursery School is a leading school in educational research and development – I wonder if you knew that?

Following the principle that Everyone is a Learner we have all been working hard to learn to be the most effective we can be and this means learning with and from others. On Friday we welcomed a range of educational academics and practitioners to share their expertise and learn from the expertise of others.

Professor Angie Hobbs

Professor Angie Hobbs: Professor of the Public Understanding of

Philosophy at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Cathy Gower

Dr. Cathy Gower: Cathy is Head of the Department of Education, Brunel


Duncan Roberts

Duncan Roberts: Headteacher of Maple Cross JMI and Nursery School.

Part time PhD in Possibility in the classroom

Dr Gwen Ineson

Dr Gwen Inseon: Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, Brunel University

Professor Jan Derry

Professor Jan Derry: Professor of the Philosophy of Education

Professor Judith Suissa

Professor Judith Suissa: Professor of Philosophy of Education, IOE, UCL

Sunita Babbar

Sunita Babbar, Director of ITE, Brunel University

Alexis Shea

Alexis Roberts, Head of Psychology, Westonbirt School. Leader in Project

Based Learning


One of the aims of the symposium (From the Ancient Greek: a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.) was to identify our common values from our range of disciplines…

Community, Collegiality, Care, Democracy as a way of life, Learning as a continual process, Learning as a Community, The acceptance of risk as a part of the educational experience.

We also discussed the power of a learning community to impact on the world as well as the power of the world to impact on a learning community. We will take some time to reflect on all the incredibly rich ideas we discussed and debated and we all plan to hold a second discussion next year to see what impact our first meeting has had…watch this space!

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Debating Club Taking Opportunities

Debating Club recently entered the Chorleywood Young Film Maker’s Competition with a film about the importance of taking risks and having a go. I was delighted to see one of the film makers, Madison, collect a certificate and some wonderfully positive praise. (Picture pending.) We were also lucky enough to be inspired by the film-maker David Yates. David Yates has directed the last four Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts and is currently working on Fantastic Beasts 2. His most common piece of advice was, ‘have a go and don’t give up!’ That’s what he learned when he couldn’t get a job out of film school…and look where he ended up!

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HS2 Taking Opportunities…

With HS2 works happening close to school, we have been able to access some fantastic learning opportunities and Community Development Possibilities. This has included being the pilot school for a Brunel inspired production teaching about the positives of engineering which I picture below.

We are also working closely with HS2 to develop safer local roads as well as some other possibilities being explored…watch this space…


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