Student Council Forum

I have the honour of organising the Student Council Forum for Primary Schools across Three Rivers. On Thursday we were invited by elected District Council members Alex Michaels (Liberal Democrat) and Reena Ranger (Conservative) to hold our meeting in the Council Meeting Room. All but one of our local school councils were represented and over 30 children and adults had a brilliant democratic experience: Alex had arranged for three managers to come and discuss their specific roles and try to convince the Forum to do something in support of their area: Road Safety, The Elderly or Playgrounds.

The children experienced a real life democratic debate, questioned Alex and Reena about how democracy works and then voted for a project.

And now…the Children’s Responsibility is to bring the presentations back to their own school, carry out a vote with their council and decide what project we will carry out in Maple Cross. So, thank you to our Chair and Secretary Connie and Amelie for representing the school at the event. Watch this space to find out what Maple Cross will aspire to achieve…

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Learning to be proud of…

The Learning Team in year 5 – Children, Teachers, Parents and Supportive wider community – have blown my mind!

I was delighted to welcome Mr John Shaw to open our ‘Reflection Section’ in celebration of his wonderful wife and our incredible governor, Ann Shaw.

Mr Flint and Mr Watson were able to share the amazing learning journey they have taken the children on and we could all see the impact of that journey on the children. An added bonus was our new area for reflection and learning!

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Thank you to all.


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