Parent Friday Somali Inspiration

We were offered an inspiring story of rags to riches as Mr Abdulrahman shared his moving story of surviving the war in Somalia and his journey as a refugee with only water for nourishment. It was a delight to hear him preaching the power of education and an inspiration to have his wife and son present – a son aiming for medical school next year. GOOD LUCK! We were also treated to a delicious meal of rice and chicken from Master and Mrs Abdulrahman – THANK YOU!

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The Big Debate 2018

The Big Debate 2018 paradoxical conclusion:

We need to treat disabled people differently so they can be treated the same!

The Debating Club planned, organised and ran our 2018 debate on their chosen theme: how  do we and should we treat disabled people. They offered the following options:

We treat them the same and we should do

We treat them the same and we shouldn’t do

We treat them differently and we should do

We treat them differently and we shouldn’t do

Not sure about any of those positions.

I was amazed at the level of consideration, reflection and debate that children from years 1 to 6 were able to demonstrate. Some critical points were raised – we want them treated the same – we are all human. But we want them treated differently because they might need a wheel chair. But we want them treated the same because we don’t want them to be bullied or made fun of. The over-riding final decision (the centre of the hall) became, it depends on the individuals and their situation and own desires. A favourite response from one child in Year 6, ‘I think we should ask them how they want to be treated rather than deciding for them!’

Well done to the debating club and all the children for another stimulating, inspirational and considerate debate.

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Parent Friday – Irish Stew

It was lovely to have Northern Ireland and Ireland represented at Parent Friday – our differences make us stronger! Thank you to Ms Mitchell and Ms Dwyer for their delicious stew and soda bread and the stories of why they were important to them growing up. Our last Parent Friday is the 6th July. I hope to see you there!

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No Marking Feedback

After developing some basic approaches to no marking feedback beginning in our inset in September, teachers have been researching and evolving approaches to fine tune their feedback. This also includes supporting children to feedback on their own and others’ work. Taking this even further, the Key Stage 2 teachers have been involved in a research pilot project with Dr. Deborah Jones of Brunel University. What skills and knowledge do teachers and pupils need to learn in order to engage in the most effective feedback?

Dr. Jones joins us on Wednesday to share the research so far…watch this space!

Best quote from a teacher so far, “The children are writing what I would have written, but immediately in the lesson. This means they can carry on driving their learning without having to wait for their worked to be marked by the teacher the next day or week!”

Exciting times at Maple Cross!

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