FGB Meeting

This evening the FGB met via zoom.  The Head’s report was received.  The FGB undertook the annual review of school policies and these were approved.

The terms of reference for the Finance Committee were approved and an update on the recent Finance Committee meeting was recieved.

The minutes of the FGB on 8th December were approved and matters arising from the minutes were addressed.

Training available to governors on an individual and whole board basis were discussed.

A safeguarding update was received.

The next FGB will take place on Tuesday 23rd March at 6.00pm

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This evening  the Full Governing Body met via zoom.  Mr Steve Pidgeon was welcomed to his first FGB as non-teaching staff member.

Ms Trickett gave an update on the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

School policies, including the equality policy, were reviewed, ratified and adopted as appropriate.

The head teacher’s report was received.

Governors discussed the school priorities and how they know that progress is being made on them.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved and actions from them were discussed.

Governors discussed forthcoming training and recent training that had been undertaken.

The date of the next meeting is Monday 25th January 2021.

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Campfire and Crumpets

In Reception today, we built a camp fire and toasted crumpets on it. The children made sure they kept themselves safe by standing with their backs against the fence until it was their turn to toast their crumpets. Children held their long stick with a crumpet on the end with their arms stretched out over the fire. The toasted crumpets were delicious. When we had finished, we made sure to put the fire out using plenty of water.

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