Puddles, patterns and painting

Children in Reception had a wonderful time learning outside in the rain. The puddles gave them a wonderful opportunity to make patterns. They put a hoop on the puddle and found leaves to put in to make faces, represent numbers and create patterns. Children also dipped the chalk in the puddles and then painted the steps. Brushes were then used to clean the steps to make space for more artwork.

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Saying goodbye in Reception

Today in Reception we sadly had to say goodbye to one of our African Land Snails who has died. We decided to bury the snail in the garden and took turns to help dig the hole. The snail was placed in a tin and buried in the hole. This afternoon we listened to the story ‘Goodbye Mog’ by Judith Kerr to help us think about what happens when something or someone dies.

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The Full Governing Body met via zoom this evening.

The Chair and Vice Chari were appointed with Liz Maykells and Laura Whyte appointed to the roles respectively.

The head teacher’s report was received.

Governors spent time discussing the character of Maple Cross and what makes it an unique school.

The minutes of the last meeting were received and approved.  Governors roles and responsibilities and their code of conduct were also agreed.  Policies were agreed and adopted.

Governors discussed forthcoming training events.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th December.

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Outside learning in Reception

During our Independent Learning Time (ILT) today, children generated lots of ideas.  They decided to make a slide to put balls and water down to see how fast they would travel.  It was decided to use crates to lift the guttering so the objects would move faster.

Other children took  part in bark rubbing and writing activities.  There was lots of great learning today.

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Learning to Take Turns

In Reception we have been learning to take turns.  When we wanted a turn on the bikes, we wrote our names on the blackboard and took a bike.  We cycled on the playground and when we heard the bell we had to come and  put our bike back.  There was someone watching a timer and when it was finished they rang the bell.  It was great as everyone had a turn at being on the bike.

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