Maple Cross Explorers

Again we have been fortunate to have a warm, sunny afternoon to explore in.  One group have been using natural materials to make animals masks.  Here are some of the things the children said.

“I’m going to  rip the leaf to make the sharp bit of the ears, I’m going to do the outside first.”

“I’m going to make a bird, oooo that’s an orange leaf, I’m going to use this for the feathers.”

Another group made a picnic for the teddy bears.

“I’ve got stones for the cup cakes and berries and flowers for the salad.”

“We’ve been collecting some leaves and sticks to make the cake.”

“We have been collecting grass, leaves and daisies. Making the teddy bears picnic.”

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Maple Cross Explorers

What a hot afternoon it has been but that did not stop us exploring outside.  Today we learnt in the shade to protect us from the sun.   After the session today I asked the children what they had been learning.  Here is one of the replies.

“We made a teddy bears picnic. I found leaves. We found feathers for carrots and berries that birds eat we used for grapes.”

I have a challenge for you.  Could you create a picnic for one of your toys in your garden or in the park?  What could you use for the plates? What food would the toys eat?  You could take a photo of it to show me or draw a picture of your picnic.  I am looking forward to seeing what you create.

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Reception planting in the pond

Today Reception children were able to plant some plants in the pond. We are hoping that the new plants will help the pond to clear the pond as it is rather green and smelly at the moment.  The children said what they thought the plants looked like and then we carefully carried the plants to the pond.  Some plants were very heavy and so it took more than one person to carry them.   The children remembered that they had to kneel down by the pond so that they do not fall in.  We will keep visiting the pond to see how the plants are growing and if it is becoming clearer. Watch this space!


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New activities for Maple Cross Explorers.

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Today children took part in a new set of activities and each child will take part in a different activity for the next few weeks.  Children were able to explore how beans grow, to create a teddy bears picnic, make animal masks using natural materials, build a raft or become animal detectives.  Have a look at the photos and see which activities you can spot.  What clues do you think we found to help us discover what animals visit our grounds?

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Maple Cross Explorers

We had a fabulous afternoon of Maple Cross Explorers today and we all enjoyed being outside in the glorious sunshine.  Today there were some fantastic houses made for The Three Little Pigs.  Children who took part in the activity said

“We’re a team”

“It’s made out of bricks and leaves. It would stay there if the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed.”

“We stared with sticks and then we put cardboard on it so it won’t rain on the little pigs and we put a ramp for their bikes.”

“Me and my friends put sticks and we went to the woods and we put cardboard on and we tested it.”

An adult asked “Why are you testing it?”

“To see if it stays or doesn’t stay.”

I would love to know the answer to see if it stayed or didn’t stay and I would love to find out how you tested this.

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Maple Cross Explorers!

What a wonderful afternoon of learning today! Reception and Year 1 really engaged with their learning during Maple Cross Explorers.  They worked together to create a camp fire, a house for the Three Little pigs and some fabulous art work using natural materials and mud.  What have you enjoyed learning most in Maple Cross Explorers? Why?

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Reception and the Snake Skin

Reception were very fortunate today when Reegan brought in a snake skin that his uncle had given him.  The children had the opportunity to feel the skin and say what it felt like.

“It feels like wrapping paper.” said Yashmeet

“Like balloons” said Emima

“It feels like bubbles.” said Rowan

“It feels like bubble wrap” said Hadley

Reegan reminded us that the skin was very delicate so we had to be careful not to damage it.  Also, as it was from a real animal, we had to wash our hands afterwards.

Many thanks to Reegan’s uncle for sharing this with us.

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Reception What’s in the box?

A beautiful star shaped box arrived in Reception today.  We used our green hats to generate ideas of what could possibly be in it. Is it cookies, writing pens, ladybirds or toys?  Could it possibly be fairy dust, glittery stars or chocolate?  We shook the box and wrote our ideas on post it notes which we then stuck on the box.  Then another star shaped box appeared! Would this have the same things in it?  We weren’t allowed to shake this one though, we just had to hold it.  Then we wrote our ideas for this one and stuck it on the box.

Have you had any more ideas Reception?  Write them down and bring them in tomorrow.

We will then open the box. I wonder what is inside?

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