FGB Meeting

This evening the full governing body met.  The Chair started the evening by leading  the governors in a short training session on finance.  During the main body of the meeting, the Headteachers’ report was received  and curriculum subject reports on Reading and Science.  An update on Pupil Leadership, including School Parliament was received.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved and signed and actions arising were discussed.

Governors were updated on training opportunities that are available in the New Year.

School policies were reviewed.

The next meeting will be on Monday 27th January 2020.

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There has been great excitement in Reception this week as the African Land Snails have arrived! We were expecting 2 snails but were very fortunate to receive 3. They have been named as Slimy, Spike and Speedy. We have learnt how to spell ‘snail’ just look at our writing. The children have remembered to wash their hands both before and after handling the snails and have been very gentle whilst they have held them.  This afternoon they decided to have a snail race with them but the snails were not that good at staying in their lanes.  The race was abandoned after 22 minutes when the snails left the course.   We will keep you updated on the snail developments.

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This evening’s full governing body meeting  started with a ‘Learning Festival’ where governors were able to talk to staff about learning that has taken place this year and plans for next year.

In the main meeting we welcomed Rachel Macfarlane Director of Education Services at Herts for Learning and one of the  authors of ‘The Nine Pillars of Great Schools’ who discussed Robust and Rigorous self evaluation with the governing body.

A variety of reports were received and considered including verbal reports on Science, RE, PSHE and The School Parliament and the Head’s  Written Report.

Minutes from the previous meeting and matters arising were addressed and ratified.  Governors thanked staff for the opportunity to visit the school during the recent Governor day and agreed that this was a very positive experience for all concerned.

School policies were reviewed and approved.

This evening was Ms Jill Biss’ last meeting as a governor and thanks were expressed to her for all her contributions to the governing body.

Date of next meeting Monday 7th October 2019 at 6pm.

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The Governing Body met this evening in the glorious sunshine! Reports were received from staff on Reading, RE  and Ms Trickett gave the head teachers report.  Ms Edwards informed the Governing body about the recent staff INSET training she had attended, on Heartsmart our new PSHE curriculum.  There was a discussion on PE and sports provision for children and the budget for next year was discussed.

Minutes from the last Governing Body Meeting were received and approved and matters arising were addressed.  Governor visit reports were received and the forthcoming Governor Day was discussed.  Governors were made aware of forthcoming training opportunities including eLearning.

Dates for FGB meetings for the next academic year were shared.

The date of the next meeting is Monday 8th July 2019.

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