Reception are getting ready for Year 1

Over the last 2 weeks, Reception children have been making posters all about themselves to give to Ms Anand in Year 1.  Today we met Ms Anand and Year 1, at a safe distance outside, to share our posters with her.  Reception children asked many questions about Year 1 including

“What will we be learning?”

“Will we be learning English?”

“Will we be counting?”

Children in Year 1 answered the questions and then told Reception children the best things about Year 1.  Everyone is looking forward to September and the new opportunities it will bring.

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The Full Governing Body met this evening, via zoom, for the final meeting of the year.  Ms Arti Dutta has been appointed as a governor and was welcomed to her first meeting.

A variety of reports were received, including the curriculum and Head reports.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and matters addressed.

A policy for holding virtual meetings was adopted.

The date of the next meeting is Monday 5th October 2020

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Building, investigating and discovery in Reception

Fabulous team work was evident today in Reception. This morning some children worked as a team to play a phonics game. This afternoon team work was needed to build a house I the woods. The sticks were so long we needed “a friend on the end” and one was so long it needed 2 friends! In addition to this we have been reading, writing, investigating and counting. Also, an egg shell was spotted. The second one that has been found this week.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow,

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How to keep safe – Reception Learning

Reception children are learning how to keep safe.  We are excellent at washing our hands frequently.  Today we also learnt how to cross the road safely and realised that we have to listen as well as look for traffic.  We used our listening skills today when we heard the fire alarm and knew to walk to the playground safely. This afternoon we learnt that being under trees is not safe when it thunders so did our learning safely inside today.  This inspired drawings and a story about being rescued.

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Mud faces, volcanoes and ladybirds

Yet another day of fabulous learning.  During our outside learning time someone created a volcano by using a forked stick and some weeds.  Another group made mud faces in the woods and worked together to make the soil wet using a wonderful yellow watering can.  A climbing frame for ladybirds was also made today and magic wands!  Also we had a fantastic PE lesson and did some wonderful writing! Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Hip hip hooray PE today!

It has been 100 days since we had PE and today we were delighted to see Mr Jarvis and do PE outside in the sunshine.  Mr Jarvis was very impressed with how much we had remembered.  To ensure everyone was safe, we had our own cones to sit by and remembered where our own one was.  We practised jumping, running and balancing.  It was great!

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Phonics and Maths in Reception

There was great engagement in phonics and maths today.  In phonics, some children played a game where they had to collect the sounds I said and then blend the sounds together to read the word.  This was fabulous as we were in the woods with lots of places to hide the sounds.  Inside, children worked together in pairs to order numbers from 1 to 20.  This is quite tricky but by encouraging one another and taking turns they managed to complete the task.  Well done everyone.

Great team work!

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