Busy morning in KS1

This morning I walked around school with a camera. In just ten minutes, in KS1, I joined in a gymnastics lesson with Year 2 and our new PE coach Ms Webb, read with Year 1 in their phonics session before moving on to maths where they were comparing amounts using the language of fewer.

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Year 1 – water colours

Within literacy, the children have been rewriting their favourite story, the robot and the bluebird. Today they created their own little bird who brings the robots heart back to life. The focus of today’s learning was the use of water colours and how to create delicate strokes like feathers.

The children reviewed their paintings as a whole class and identified that too much water causes the colours to run. For the second paintings the children decided to use less water and focus on the shapes they can make with the paintbrush.

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Local schools collaborating – developing leadership

Tonight, colleagues from school joined others from local primary and secondary schools. They continued developing their action plan and collaborated with colleagues to refine their ideas. Ms Stickley and Ms Bone are leading projects across school aimed at enhancing the quality of experiences for children and developing the practice of others. Speak to them to find out more.

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Cross Country 2018

This afternoon we hosted our first annual cross country race. Year 5 & 6 set of for 5 long laps all around the school grounds including through the woods and passed the pond. They were followed by Year 3 & 4 racing for three laps and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 racing for two laps.

We awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal to the first, second and third girl and boy in each race. Well done to our winners.

Year 5 & 6 girls – Beth, Katie and Amanda

Year 5 & 6 boys – Matthew, Freddie and Shabbir


Year 3 & 4 girls – Lauren, Gracie and Beth

Year 3 & 4 boys – Isaac, George and Finn


Year Reception, 1 & 2 girls – Ellie, Eleanor and Darcy

Year Reception, 1 & 2 boys – George, Thaddy and Patrick

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Number Crunch

Tonight, every class shared details of what multiplication looks like in their year group. Teachers, support staff and parents mingled as they shared strategies and tips.

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Remember we all need to know our multiplication facts by heart and recall tables at speed and out of sequence.

Year 2 – 2, 5 and 10 tables

Year 3 – 3, 4, 9 and 11 tables

Year 4 – 6, 7, 8 and 12 tables

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Phonics, Reading and Spelling

Everyday, all the children from Reception to Year 3 begin their day (after Power 5 maths to get the brain started!) focussing on phonics and spelling patterns/rules. They learn new sounds and apply them in their reading and writing. This focus time uses a mixture of group and whole class teaching as well as pupils teaching each other.

In Year 3, pupils we applying the spelling rule ‘a’ when it makes an ‘or’ sound. Using what they learnt as a whole class they applied it in sentences and then explained the difference between WHAT they are learning and HOW they are learning.

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