Maple Cross Explorers – Den building

This week group 1 and 5 worked collaboratively to create a new den. After reading the book Home by Carson Ellis we were inspired to build a shelter that would offer both practical and aesthetic appeal. The real challenge was making it strong enough to hold me!

I was blown away with the team work and sharing of ideas. All the children offered ideas and supported each other with the build.

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Ooh arrr me hearties – Nursery pirates sail the high seas!

Today Nursery had a wonderful morning learning to sail. We left school, travelled by public transport and walked through the Aqaudrome. We spotted berries growing and listened to the crickets and grass hoppers in the long, dry grass.

The children were fantastic and it was repeatedly commented on how polite, well mannered and focused they were. Nursery embraced new challenges and obstacles with a “YES we can” attitude. It is great to see them putting all we have learnt to use.

To quote Oli, “This is the best day of my whole life!”

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Nurseries favourite stories

This morning Nursery selected some of their favourite stories we have read over the year. These books are from our core book box and the children hear them read again and again and again. When we read them as a whole class the children join in, adding expression and rhythm.

Today the children selected a favourite and read it to a friend or themselves. It was wonderful to hear them become such fantastic story tellers.


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Early Years Quality Standard – GOLD

Today some of our Early Years team traveled to Stevenage to collect our Gold award for the EYQS. This was part of the journey and not the end! It has been two years of hard dedication by the whole team to transform the EYFS into a learning centered environment.

Our consultant described the project as follows . . . . .

A very cohesive and reflective team who work tirelessly to improve the learning opportunities for their children. Over the last two years, they have developed and transformed the EYFS into an inviting and accessible environment that reflects the individual needs and learning of each unique child. Their ‘gold’ project enabled children in the nursery and reception classes to improve the achievement and outcomes for their children. The EY Leader is inspirational in driving forward the Early Years practice and enables all practitioners to be part of a cohesive and dedicated team. Well done to all the team!

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Learning Festival

Tonight we all shared our learning projects with the FGB. This was an opportunity to articulate the wonderful leaderships projects that are led by everyone in school.

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There was a real buzz around school as posters, booklets, photographs and displays were shared. It was great to see true leadership so visible. The Governors commented on the quality of the projects including visible impact upon learners (adults and children) and the wide variety of approaches to develop pupils independence.

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