The Magic Bojabi Tree

Today group 1 explored outside in the icy winds. After reading the book, The Magic Bojabi Tree, they set about creating their own snake coiled around the tree.

After adding to the snake from week 1 the children PAUSED and REFLECTED upon their learning. They noticed that it was difficult to add detail to the snake where there was lots of other items and so it was best to find a new space. They also reflected on the challenge of running about the school ground and trying to carry items. It was suggested that sometimes it is best to walk!


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Charcoal sketching

Since the new year Nursery have been exploring colours and colour mixing. This week we introduced the children to charcoal and they have been creating sketches.

Using the model the children looked at the shape of the person and made careful observations. The children noticed details and really focussed on creating these on the paper.

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Explorers, Group 5 – The Magic Bojabi Tree

Today group 5 read the beautiful story of The Magic Bojabi Tree by Piet Grobler and Dianne Hifmeyr. Inspired by the book the children set about creating their own python that was coiled aroundĀ a tree.

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The children shared their ideas and worked collaboratively to gather lots of different colours from the school grounds to represent the colours of the snake.

When we paused and reflected on our learning thinking about how learning with others helps our own thinking. Rowan told us “it was harder learning” when you talk with others. Skye told us “When I was talking I said to someone can you help.”



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New Year in Nursery

Nursery have got off to a flying start. 2018 has begun with lots of challenges and exploration.

This week the children have discovered lots of little people stuck in blocks of ice. Using a range of tools and ingredients they have been trying to find out which releases the people the quickest!

We have been exploring colours and what happens when we mix different colours. Using poster paint, powder paint and water colours the children have been discovering new shades and tonesĀ of colours.

It has also been a great to start to our PE curriculum. The children have been combining travels and balances along the floor an on equipment.

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