The Great Felt of London! 28.2


Today in Year 1 & Year 2 we had an exciting felt workshop as part of art enrichment week.

After creating some incredible silhouettes in art the past few weeks, children were able to recreate their work using felt. The children learnt about stretching the material, felting it using nets and soap and finally rolling it using a massive wooden roller. Year 1 and 2 saw the rolling as a good opportunity to practice some maths!

The felt pieces are going to be ready for their grand unveiling later in the term at open classroom!

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Visit from the Sikh Education Service


Today, years 2,3,4 and 5 were visited by the Sikh Education Service.

The day started with an assembly for all four classes, in which Mr Singh taught children about respect, integrity, how special we all are and performed a musical number for the children. The children really enjoyed interacting throughout the assembly.

This was followed by interactive workshops for year 3 and year 4 for the rest of the morning.

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Maths in Year 2 22.11: Exploring missing numbers in addition using water

Today in maths we were using water to help us figure out ‘missing number’ questions. In two teams, children used different methods before coming back into class and sharing either the water measuring method or the written inverse method. We then discussed which one is easier to use and which one they preferred. Unsurprisingly, the new water method was by far the favourite!


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Y2: Learning value through money

Today in maths year 2 were looking at the value of numbers. Using Dienes blocks and fake money, students showed a variety of different ways they could show and explain the value of certain numbers. After showing me all the images they captured themselves, students reflected on the images and used this time to understand the links between coin and block, understanding that the coins had a certain value they could show by counting the blocks they had used and vice versa.

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