Year 4 Fit4Fun

Year 4 have been really lucky to have Nick, Sean and Chris, from Apex, visit our school. The children have been learning about and tasting healthy food. They have been doing fun activities to keep fit.

Nick wants to know if you can remember how many portions of fruit and vegetables you should eat a day.

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Year 4 maths Roman numerals

Year 4 have been learning about Roman numerals in their maths lesson. They went outside and each child was given  either a number or Roman number. Then they had to find someone  who had a matching number.

Katie said, “It was fun finding a partner with a matching number.” Laila said she enjoyed making a human clock with the Roman numbers.

Can you guess what number XXI  is ?


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Year 4 Shadow and light

This is the second day of science. We have been experimenting with shadows.

The children watched a video of people making shadows with their body which encouraged them to think about how shadows were made. They used various materials to explore with.

Jessica said, “I loved it because you are allowed to be creative.”

Kieran mentioned that it was really fun and liked that they all had a chance to use the equipment. He also said everyone participated by sharing great ideas.

Can you have shadows without light?

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