Governor Elections

We say farewell and thank you to Mr Sebastian Brummell who leaves our team of Governors  and we welcome Mr Nick Flint who replaces him as a Teacher Governor.

Who are the Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of a group of people who can offer the school different areas of expertise. They ensure the school provides a good all-round education for all the children.  All governors are unpaid voluntary members taken from the local community. The role of the Governing Body is to work with the school to raise standards. This is done by agreeing school aims and values, reviewing policies and gathering evidence to ensure the strategy is being followed and hold the school management to account.


The Governing Body is divided into two committees. These are:

Education & Strategic Planning (E&S)

The Education and Strategic Planning Committee has the task of reviewing the curriculum that is being taught in the school and ensuring that the children are learning and progressing.

This committee has 7 members:  Mr John Reynolds (Chair); Mr Colin Crook; Mr Duncan Roberts (Head); Mr John Fowler (is a non-voting associate member of this committee); Mrs Ann Shaw;  Mr Ben Tucker; Ms Hannah Trickett (Deputy Head) is a non-voting associate member of this committee.

Resources & Personnel Committee (R&P)

This committee is responsible for monitoring the budget and ensuring that spending always has an impact on the children’s learning. This Committee ensures that the school infrastructure is well maintained and also considers all personnel matters, including the staffing structure.

This committee has 5 members: Mr Colin Crook (Chair); Mr Duncan Roberts (Head); Mr Selcuk Bir; Mr Tim Gibson; Mr Richard Page;   Ms Abbie Ranns; Ms Hannah Trickett (Deputy Head) is a non-voting associate member of this committee.

Within the committees, working parties are often formed to review particular items. During the year the Head teacher has his performance reviewed by members of the Governing Body assisted by an external advisor.

Other committees are formed as and when needed.

All non-staff Governors have a link class at the school.  Regular visits are made to these link classes to check on the progress and implementation of the School Improvement Plan, as well as their understanding of school life.  The respective Governor then reports back to the Full Governing Body.  It is intended that the link Governor stays with the respective class throughout the school life to enable continuity and a better understanding of the attributes of each class.

A presentation from the Governing Body.



I hope this information is interesting, and helps you to understand who we are and what the Governing Body does for your child and their school.

Please remember if you have a concern about your child’s time at school then the correct route to express these concerns is with the class teacher or the head. Usually any problems are resolved without the involvement of the Governing Body.

School Governors

Mr Colin Crook

Colin Crook

Mr John Reynolds

John Reynolds 2

Mr Duncan Roberts


Mr Selcuk Bir

Selcuk Bir - Copy

Mr Nick Flint



Mr Steve Cook

Colin Crook

Mr Richard Page

Richard Page 2 - Copy

Ms Abbie Ranns

Abbie Ranns

Mrs Ann Shaw

Ann Shaw

Mr John Fowler


Ms Hannah Trickett

Hannah Trickett

Mr Ben Tucker

Ben Tucker

Mr Tim Gibson


Mrs Beverly Cox

Beverley Cox

 Mrs Claire Beaver


Full Governing Body

Full Governing Body

Date of Appt


Attendance at FGB



Attendance at FGB


Mr Colin Crook (Chair)
Governor Training
12/11/2014 Local Authority Governor  5/6  2/2
 Mr John Reynolds
(Vice Chair)
10/11/2015 Parent Governor  6/6 2/2
Mr Duncan Roberts 03/10/2011 Head Teacher  6/6  2/2
Mr Selcuk Bir
Health & Safety
10/12/2014 Parent Governor 6/6 2/2
Mr Steve Cook 22/09/2014 Non Teacher Governor 6/6 2/2
Mr Nick Flint 23/01/2017 Teacher Governor
Mr Richard Page 02/03/2015 Parent Governor 6/6 1/2
Ms Abbie Ranns
Safeguarding/Special Educational Needs
10/01/2014 Co-opted Governor 3/6 1/2
Mrs Ann Shaw
School Council
10/01/2014 Co-opted Governor  3/6  2/2
Ms Hannah Trickett 07/10/2014 Deputy Head
Associate Member
 6/6  2/2
Mr Ben Tucker 10/11/2015 Parent Governor 2/3  2/2
Mr John Fowler  29/09/2016  Associate Member  n/a  0/1
Mr Tim Gibson  29/09/2016  Co-opted  n/a  1/1
Mrs Claire Beaver
Mrs Beverly Cox
01/01/2016 Clerks to the Governors  n/a n/a
Ms Louisa Sillett 01/12/2014
Co-opted Governor 2/5 2/6

*Term of Office has no end date.   All other Term of Office is 4 years.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the post-box on the Governors notice board in the reception area, or by email:

Governors Meetings 2015/2016

 R & P – 6:00pm E & S – 6:00pm FGB – 6:00pm
Monday 16th October 2016  Tuesday 11th October 2016 Monday 26th September 2016
Monday 7th November 2016  Tuesday 8th November 2016 Monday 28th November 2016
Monday 9th January 2017  Tuesday 10th January 2017 Monday 30th January 2017
Monday 27th February 2017 Tuesday 28th February 2017  Monday 20th March 2017
Monday 24th April 2017  Tuesday 25th April 2017 Monday 15th May 2017
 Monday 12th June 2017 Tuesday 13th June 2017 Monday 10th July 2017


Education & Strategic Planning Committee (E&S)

Education & Strategic Planning

Attendance for 2015/2016

Attendance for 2016/2017

Mr John Reynolds (Chair) 6/6 2/2
Mr Colin Crook 4/6 2/2
Mr Duncan Roberts 6/6 2/2
Mrs Ann Shaw 5/6 0/2
Mr John Fowler n/a 2/2
Ms Hannah Trickett 3/6 1/2
Mr Ben Tucker 4/4 2/2
Ms Louisa Sillett 2/6 n/a

Resource & Personnel Committee (R&P)

Resource & Personnel Planning

Attendance for 2015/2016

Attendance for 2016/2017

Mr Colin Crook (Chair) 5/6 2/2
Mr Duncan Roberts 6/6 2/2
Mr Selcuk Bir 4/6 2/2
Mr Richard Page 6/6 2/2
Ms Abbie Ranns 2/6 1/2
Mr Tim Gibson n/a 1/2
Ms Hannah Trickett 4/6 1/2


Register of Interests

Business/Pecuniary Interests

Other Governance Roles

Relationship between Governors/Staff

Mr Colin Crook None
Mr John Reynolds None
Mr Duncan Roberts None Head Teacher
Mr Selcuk Bir None
Mr Nick Flint None Colleagues
Mr Steve Cook None Colleagues
Mr Richard Page None
Ms Abbie Ranns None
Mrs Ann Shaw None
Mr John Fowler School based consultancy
Ms Hannah Trickett None Deputy Head
Mr Ben Tucker Landscaping firm JBW Commercial Services Ltd and Willows Lakes Ltd and undertakes contracts for schools including Maple Cross
 Mr Tim Gibson None
Mrs Claire Beaver None
Mrs Beverly Cox None