Hunting for evidence

Year 6, today, were hunting for evidence in their text. We knew we were supposed to like one character and dislike another but we wanted to find out how the author had created this effect. The children explored deeply hunting for tiny elements of evidence and were brilliant at proving a point.

“The character is speaking sarcastically and that is never a nice thing to do.”

“The words he chooses to use are not a nice way of asking the question. He is challenging him.”

“This character blocks the doorway and doesn’t show him the room because he thinks that he isn’t clever enough to study there whereas the other character holds the door open for him.”

“The nice character recognises that he is smiling even though his face is disfigured. They understand each other.”

Most of the learning took place through discussion but children recorded some of their ideas. They worked particularly hard on how to present it.

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