Giraffes Can’t Dance – A family reading project.

Here is a reading project you can undertake as a whole family, no matter how old everybody is, you can all join in together.

Before reading

We are going to listen to a story about a giraffe named Gerald, who gets teased because he is clumsy and unable to dance like the other animals. However, Gerald meets a special friend who helps him.

Talk with those around you or write down your ideas. When you have found something different and how have others have helped. How did you feel? How did someone else help? How did you feel once you had learned how to do something?

Listen to the story and as you listen, create a story map/journey recording what is happening. You might need to pause and listen a couple of times. Retell the story using your map.

After reading

What did Gerald have to do in order to become a dancer? How did he do this?

Is it important that everyone is able to do the same thing well? Why / why not?

Why do you think the author wrote this story?


Adjectives – create a mind map of all the words used to describe Gerald’s appearance and the way he moves. If you want to revise what adjectives are you can do that here. Compare the two types of adjectives and descriptive phrases.

Alliteration – listen to the story again and create a list of all the examples of alliteration you hear. You can revise what alliteration is here

Rhyming words – Listen to the story again and write the sets of rhyming words.

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