The Imaginary

This afternoon, the new class reader for Year 5 was revealed. The children were allowed to explore the front and back cover and the blurb. From this, they were asked to observe closely and comment on the things they noticed. We then tried to work out which fiction genre it could be. I was blown away by the depth of discussion that occurred and how closely and carefully they observed.

“The boy is hanging on the branch while the girl is hanging on a snake-like branch. This could mean that the girl creates the boy from her imagination as she is hanging onto something that can’t be there.”

“The girl on the back is see through. You can just about see the man through her. She must need him to exist. The cloud of smoke above them could be the energy she requires to be imagined.”

“The images on his shirt and shorts are reversed. Perhaps he isn’t what he seems.”
“The boy is running. I wonder if he is running from something or to something.”

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