Royal Observatory

Yesterday, Year 5 had a brilliant visit to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The journey itself was an adventure eliciting gasps of amazement as we exited the tube at Canary Wharf and headed over the Thames on the Docklands Light Railway. After a steep climb up to the Observatory, we were rewarded with an incredible view of London. The children explored the museum hunting for facts that no-one else would notice. Did you know that when you look in space, you are looking into the past? Did you know that Jupiter has a hurricane twice the size of Earth that has been raging for 350 years? After our fact finding mission, we were treated to a journey through our universe at the planetarium. It was filled with incredible visuals to help us understand space. We then stood on the meridian line before heading up a narrow, spiral staircase and into the observatory dome where the huge telescope was waiting. It was a brilliant trip where our children represented our school beautifully and they have come back filled with information. Today, Year 5 have begun presenting their findings.

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