Spanish session with Ms Perez

We are really happy to work and build strong connections with the Reach Free School.

This Wednesday,  Miss Perez, the Spanish language teacher at Reach Free, organised a session that was delivered by some of her Spanish students at Maple Cross.  Our children had the opportunity to work as a group, as a pair and individually to explore the Spanish language and culture. There were stickers for the winners and little treats for all the participants.

It was a SUCCESS and we are really looking forward to organising more sessions in the future!

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The Watercress Pioneer

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from an artist, Emily Compton, who shared her story of The Watercress Pioneer. This was a man, William Bradbury, who came from Maple Cross and was the first person to grow and sell watercress, which was transported to London on The Watercress Express! Year 5 used local, natural resources as the characters in their stories, who became pioneers to solve problems we experience in our community. The stories are only in the early stages but the creative thinking that took place was incredible!

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The Tempest

Wow! What an incredible performance Year 5 produced of The Tempest! Each member of the cast worked so hard to learn their lines, develop their character and improve their voice. I was blown away with how confidently they performed. The class worked beautifully together supporting each other to develop a brilliant overall performance. Well done Year 5.

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Campfire in EYFS

The children in Nursery and Reception had a campfire today.  Firstly we needed to find a safe area clear of leaves to place our fire. We collected sticks for kindling and then safely lit the fire making sure we didn’t stand too close.  Once the fire was burning well, we toasted crumpets on it. The  children told us that we shouldn’t get too close or we might get burnt and of course, at the end we poured cold water onto it so it didn’t continue to burn.

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