This week, Year 4 have been learning ten spellings that do not fit any rules that they have learnt so far. We have been discussing different ways to remember the tricky spellings. We practised the spellings by writing on each other’s backs and guessing the words. What tricks can you remember?

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The Stone Age

This afternoon, Year 4 hunted for clues about their topic by exploring artefacts and images. They raised some really interesting questions and were able to give good reasons for their opinions. Between them, they correctly guessed that our new topic is The Stone Age. What would you like to find out?

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EYFS – exciting hen egg arrival


This morning we received a special delivery of eggs.  They will be kept in an incubator until they have hatched, both Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to watch them hatch and develop over the next 2 weeks. Through this we will learn more about the life cycle of a chicken.  It looks as though one may hatch later this afternoon. How exciting!

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