The Great Felt of London! 28.2


Today in Year 1 & Year 2 we had an exciting felt workshop as part of art enrichment week.

After creating some incredible silhouettes in art the past few weeks, children were able to recreate their work using felt. The children learnt about stretching the material, felting it using nets and soap and finally rolling it using a massive wooden roller. Year 1 and 2 saw the rolling as a good opportunity to practice some maths!

The felt pieces are going to be ready for their grand unveiling later in the term at open classroom!

2 thoughts on “The Great Felt of London! 28.2

  1. dear Mr Dighnam,
    I had no one to play with at lunch so I went in the hall and looked at the art work and was very impressed.
    good job year 1 and 2!

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