Year 6 – WW2 leaders research

After our discussion in the morning about who the various nations leaders were during World War 2, there are some links below which you may want to use to:

1. Look at the websites below and decide which leader you would like to make a factfile about.

2. Using the sheet provided, create factfile. Remember we are not copying! Write the information down in your own words. We are particularly interested in what they did, and what impact they had on the course of the war.

6 thoughts on “Year 6 – WW2 leaders research

  1. this is really fun and interesting because it makes me want to find about more of Charles de Gaulle, and also is about finding out about new people . Also to find out there history. world war 2 is very interesting is the Way to remember the war is by poppies to know that they have sacrificed their life to keep us save in this society and around the world . Be kind to others and they will return the kindness back to you.

  2. Trying to make an factfile was fun and creating and being imaginative,putting pictures and facts and doing your best was all fun!😀

  3. I really enjoyed doing this and I would love to do it again! It was really interesting and I have learnt a lot about Neville Chamberlain. Before I did I this I had only heard of him and now I know a lot about what he did during WW2.

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