Whole School Litter Pick

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This afternoon, the entire school, including parents/carers, teachers and children, went outside and cleared areas of the school from rubbish. This was due to the school parliament discussing their end of year goal where they would like to improve the local environment.

During an assembly, prior to the litter pick, school parliament members shared with the school, reasons why the environment is important and projects that will be happening in classes to support the school aim. A newsletter will be coming out next week with more details.

We would like to thank those parents and carers who took time to support our litter pick.

Below is the video, shared in assembly this afternoon.

13 thoughts on “Whole School Litter Pick

  1. I really enjoyed the litter pick and I hope we can do another one soon! I think its really important that children take the lead with helping the environment because if we don’t the world wont be a nice place anymore.

  2. It was really fun in Year 6 since we got to be the leaders and take part in helping the children find litter. We got to use the litter pickers and i’m sure that Year 3 will have lots of fun litter picking in the local community.

  3. I think the whole school litter pick was really good because there was a load of litter and now theres not that much as befor.

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