Y5 – Writing a letter as if being an evacuee from WW1

Today, Year 5, along with some children from Year 3 and 4 have been using their plan from last week to start writing letters as if they were being an evacuee from WW1. We created a success criteria so we know exactly how to be successful in our learning and to also know what to include in our letter. Children have stopped and reflected on their learning and have already made changes which shows that writing can always get better and better. I’ve also been amazed to see that they have applied specific learning from guided reading to their letter writing.

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Respect and Tolerance of difference

Last week and this week, we have been developing our understanding of what it means to show respect to others and how we can be tolerant of those who hold different beliefs. This is part of our curriculum and helps everyone in our community to understand the British Values we are fortunate to share.


Have a look at these photos of incredible women in history. What can they teach us?

How would you describe the differences between respect and tolerance?

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