The Safety Centre

On Monday, the PTA treated Year 5 to a trip to The Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. It was an amazing morning of practical and useful learning which allowed the children to consider how they could avoid or solve many commonplace and daily dangers. The set-up was incredible and the children were led through a town exploring different situations in a very real and practical way. Children had to consider the stopping distance of vehicles, water safety, road safety and car seat safety. They also entered a house and worked out how to manage different hazards that could arise as well as learning how to cope with an unconscious person. What was the most useful thing you learnt? Year 5 would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA.

3 thoughts on “The Safety Centre

  1. Wow, I loved the trip to Hazard Alley when I went! Did you get scared? I did, it did teach me a lot of safety tips. What have you learned from this trip, Year 5?

  2. I remember when we went to Hazard Alley. It was really fun and hope you all enjoyed it!!!
    What was your favourite activity Yr 5?

  3. WOW! I remember when we visited Hazard Alley and it was amazing! It was interesting learning about all the different situations that could happen on a day to day basis. What was your favourite part of it, year 5 ?

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