Televisions . . . . . do they damage our brains?

Today in assembly Key Stage 2 were presented with an emotion graph from Ms Thanki. They noticed how it only contained negative emotions. Ms Thanki shared some ideas about the graph . . .

“Its something I do most days”

“I do this after school but not before school”

“Sometimes I do it on my own and sometimes I do it with my family.”

“It something I enjoy but I notice how it is having a negative impact on my brain.”


Each class have been given an envelope with questions to discuss. What do you think?

  • Should children have televisions in their bedroom?
  • What is too much television?
  • How does television affect children’s brains?


17 thoughts on “Televisions . . . . . do they damage our brains?

  1. i do not think that children should have tvs in their bedrooms as they are being unsociable by separating from family to go upstairs and watch tv

  2. I believe that children should definitely not have a TV in their bedrooms because it has a bad effect on our brains if we can not control how much we watch. Also why cant children just go downstairs and watch it with their family’s rather than being alone? Adding on to that, if the reason yo watch TV in your room because of the arguments with your siblings,coming from a 7 membered family, I think everyone should just learn to agree and get along with each other.

  3. I think no child under 13 should have a television in their room because when their up in there room by them selfes they can be very antisocial.

  4. I think the adults should be able to have a TV in there room but they should be able to make time for there chrildren if they have any r have a little break.

  5. I think that they should not have one in their rooms because if they have one down stairs, they could just watch there, however, i think that adults can have TV in their rooms, because me and my siblings argue about who watches what and when it is time for us to go to bed, my mum and dad can peacefully watch TV in there without any trouble.

  6. I don’t think children should have TV’s in their room because you are separating yourself from your family and if you watch it before you go to bed it can be harder to get to sleep, so you don’t get as much sleep and it affects your school day.

  7. i think yes, because most of the time my mum us the tv the most and when u want to relax and watch a movie you cant because they don’t want to watch a movie and we can go in and watch it. to much to tv is when you never spend time with your family, and you watch and play tv in your own room. because you are not being social

  8. i think that children should not have a tv in there bedroom because after a while your head starts to hurt and you get pains. As-well you should always have time to chill and to interact with your family and friends.

  9. I think you should be aloud to watch TV when ever you want for how much you want because what if you want to watch movies and that takes a long time and also its amusing for some people.

  10. i think more than 2hrs at a time is to much tv. you should have a 30 minute break to eat and interact with family after 2hrs.

  11. I think you should have it but put a time limit. my adults only watch tv in there room at night so they have put a time limit on it.

  12. I think that it depends on the child if they are responsible with it and know when enough is enough then it is okay for them to have a television in their bedrooms but if they are not responsible then i think that they should not have one in their bedrooms.

  13. We have discussed this and believe that no one should have a TV in their bedroom because its damaging whether your a child or adult.

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