PGL – Day 2

Today, children in Year 6 have enjoyed their first full day of activities ranging from raft building, survivor, vertical challenge, giant swing, sensory trail and Jacob’s ladder. All the children showed great risk taking and set themselves goals of what they wanted to achieve. Lots of happy children this evening.

13 thoughts on “PGL – Day 2

  1. I loved PGL. It was the most fun the best week ever. If it wasn’t for the teachers and the people at PGL I would not have done any of the activities, so thank you everyone. It was the best.

  2. George, I agree PGL is such a lifetime experience with thrilling activities like the giant swing its really breathe taking when you pull the rope because of how fast you go.
    I had a really good ti me at PGL and I hope that everyone else did.

  3. PGL was such an amazing adventure for our class we all had so much fun together and we where all supporting each other if anyone was a bit scared or nervous. Personally i dont have a favourite but the one that stood out a bit more than the rest was zip wire because when you where really high up on the building about to jump off my body was filled with adrenaline.

  4. PGL was such good fun. I tried my best at all the activities, even the ones that looked impossible.
    Thank you all of the teachers for giving us this spectacular experience.xx

        1. Lovely to hear from you Harry. We are even staying in the same block overlooking the lake! What would you say was your favourite activity at PGL last year?

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