14 thoughts on “Year 6 – Bake Off!

  1. I really enjoy baking as it is a really good skill to have in life and if we can earn to bake in year 6 we are ready for secondary school as you do baking. Also, it was really fun and made us have fun during SATS.

  2. The cake making was amazing I thought that my cake that my team made was really good some other cakes were a bit different but we learnt some life skills so that’s really good.

  3. This was a great fun. We all had a fun time and the cakes tasted delicious. The process was challenging though.

  4. i loved this lesson because you get to work as a group and you can just do what you want but i think my cake is going to make people sick because of the toppings but is the best day of sats week 100%

  5. We needed to be good communicators and work well as teams . It was very stressful because we wanted to all do well and win.

  6. I really enjoyed the year six bake off because we got to bake all day. After, when the teacher came in to judge, I felt really excited!

  7. THIS…WAS… so fun!! i wish to do it again. i just want to know: what did we learn? did we learn new skills? if we did what skills? i do entruly wish to do it again!

  8. This was definitely a hard and competitive task and also involved a wide variety of skills that needed to be used. On the whole, this activity was very fun but very annoying too!

  9. I really did like the design on the cake and the team work and effort that was put into it you can see on the icing.

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