This term, Year 5 have been investigating parachutes. After having a go using whatever materials they wanted, Year 5 generated their own questions and set up their own experiments. Most children chose to investigate the different canopy shapes. They were fantastic at learning to use a protractor and accurately drawing and measuring the shapes to make the canopies. We even had a few heptagons! We tested the shapes this afternoon. Which shape made the best parachute? How do you know?

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2 thoughts on “Parachutes

  1. Year 5 I love the photos of your learning. Did you test your parachutes inside or outside? Would there be a difference in what happened if you did? I wonder what that would be?

  2. Year 5 . . . .
    I have seen some of the parachutes hanging in the foyer.

    I saw the term fair test in one of the photographs and wondered if you could explain what this means. Can I come and share your science journals with you? You could share your learning and explain to me.

    Thank you.

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