Year 6 – Biscuit Dunking

This afternoon, Year 6, were given the question: Which biscuit is the best dunker?

They spent time looking at the texture and dimensions before testing the range of biscuits in the hot chocolate.

They tested: Party Rings, Chocolate Digestives, Digestives, Custard Creams, Bourbon, Fruit Shortcake, Fox’s crunch, Rich Tea and Oreo’s.

Which do you think was the best biscuit to dunk and why?

7 thoughts on “Year 6 – Biscuit Dunking

  1. I agree Mrs Bailey, I wonder how long it would last in a mug of hot chocolate. The longest dunker for me was a bourbon, as it lasted 7 minutes.

  2. Year 6, you know how much I love a cup of tea. Please can you advise me on a suitable biscuit for a black tea (tea without milk).
    Is there a difference in tea dunking between Assam, English Breakfast, Darjeling, Early Grey and Oolong? My favourite is English Breakfast or Assam.

  3. This sounds like a delicious Science experiment. How did you know a biscuit was a ‘good dunker’ though? What were you testing for?

    1. MRS Fawcett,

      We knew what was a ‘good dunker’ by dipping it in hot chocolate and seeing how long it stays in there for without being broke. So one of our best ‘dunkers’ where party rings and another was the bourbon biscuit.

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