Caterpillar update!

Week 3 – what has happened to the caterpillars?

Today Nursery checked up on our caterpillars. They noticed they have continued to grow fatter and fatter and fatter! There are webs in the pot and the children are very curious about where they came from and why they are there. The children have started to make a book to keep a record of all the changes.

3 thoughts on “Caterpillar update!

  1. Mr Flint and Year 2, you won’t believe this but only yesterday we started learning an oral story tell about a caterpillar.

    It included actions we learnt when retelling the three little pigs. Come and see the actions for BUT and NEXT. Plus we are using the action for FULL STOP.

  2. This all looks very exciting, Nursery! I wish there was a good fiction (story) book that I could read that involves caterpillars getting bigger and bigger. Can you think of one?

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