Story Stones

During Maple Cross Explorers Group 3 and Group 5 have had the chance to make story stones. Group 3 used the story The Gruffalo and used their problem solving skills to share out the task. They spoke about having two of the same character when 2 children wanted to paint the same one, and also spoke about what they could do when theyran out of characters. Group 5 spotted a second book in Miss Crowley’s bag and decided to take a vote on which book they would like to use- They voted for Monkey Puzzle. Group 5 then also used their problem solving skills to come up with the solution of halving the image of the butterfly when 2 children wanted to use that character. Both groups enjoyed using their own creations to re-tell their stories.

10 thoughts on “Story Stones

    1. We used our problem solving skills to vote on which book we wanted to choose. We chose the Gruffalo because we liked the descriptive story setting and characters.

    1. The children definitely had to stay positive Lawrence! Can you suggest a good place to search for stones?

  1. I really like the idea of story stones. I wonder what it would be like to have them. I have a question. Can you use stones for more than just telling a story??

    1. I think you can use stones in many different ways to help your learning. Why don’t you try using them to build a sentence?

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