Dentist visit to Reception

Reception were visited by a dentist today and were shown how to look after their teeth. They all were able to practise brushing model teeth and saw what happens if they do not brush their teeth properly. They were very knowledgable about which foods are good to eat and which are not. Also, the children learnt a way of protecting their teeth whilst eating chocolate and sweet food. Ask a child in Reception what this is so that you can enjoy sweets occasionally as a treat.

4 thoughts on “Dentist visit to Reception

  1. Wow Reception! This looks like fun, did you find any bad looking teeth or were they only healthy teeth. Keep on going. If you do see bad teeth it means that they eat too many sweets and chocolate and don’t clean there teeth, so keep clean!!

  2. personaly i dont like the Dentist at ALL. but (BUT!) this looked really fun! keep going Reception and keep on trying!
    have fun!
    -Erin M
    Yr 6!

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