World Book Day 2018

Thank you for a lovely World Book Day in the snow, Maple Cross. It has been a pleasure to see so much learning linked to reading today and our whole school story telling of The Three Little Pigs was a real highlight. Thank you to our visitors who came to read stories this afternoon. It was really special to share our love of books and reading with our wider Maple Cross community. Our library ambassadors from Year 6 did a fantastic job promoting a passion and curiosity for reading by first sharing story clues and then revealing the new book to each class in the school. A wonderful reading opportunity!

There are still books to be won as part of our special World Book Day raffle! Come and play tomorrow! Will you guess which books have been chosen by the teachers?

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One thought on “World Book Day 2018

  1. Building the snowman was reallyyyy fun!!!!!!
    Can we do another one? Maybs a compation like Year 1 vs Year 2 vs Year 3 vs Year 4 so on see what class makes the best sculpter by snow!!!! ☃️😊

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