Reception and Year 6 – Collaborative Cooking

Reception and Year 6 joined together to make gingerbread men, shortbread, cookies and oatmeal biscuits, for the school fair.  Year 6 were very articulate, kind and helpful and enabled Reception to learn how to make the biscuits with them.  The ingredient list was shared with Reception children and together Year 6 and Reception weighed out the ingredients and then made the  variety of biscuits.  Year 6 showed the younger children how to rub the butter into the flour and everyone had a turn.  The biscuits went down a treat at the Christmas Fair.

Year 6 – What skills were required when leading the reception children?

3 thoughts on “Reception and Year 6 – Collaborative Cooking

    1. I’m glad it was fun, Szabi. With learning like this, there are always challenges; what did you find most challenging?

  1. I remember when I was in year 6 and we were collaborating with reception, cooking ginger bread biscuits. I had a wonderful time, all of us had to use all the attributes and we all took lead, making sure everyone was included!
    I took away a lot of things I have learnt in primary to secondary school and that is including ALL the attributes!

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