Year 6 Basketball Runners up!

This afternoon, the year 6 basketball team showed amazing sports skills at the Three Rivers and Watford Sports Partnership basketball competition. They showed great collaborative skills and with it being their first time playing basketball, excellent risk taking was shown. They pushed each other in all their games and they finished the evening as runners up! Well done to Year 6 and Miss Wilson!

One thought on “Year 6 Basketball Runners up!

  1. Playing Basketball was so much fun! But because we are all so used to playing Netball, that we realized that we could actually move our feet and that we could run with the ball (but only by bouncing the ball when you run.) We came 2nd out of 7 schools. We drew with the winning team of 15 points so it came down to points difference, they won by 4 points, but we beat them when we played them anyway.

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