FGB Meeting – 27/11/17

Another very useful meeting – much discussion, as always, about the journey our school has been on, and the direction we are heading in. We welcomed 3 new governors: Simon Cutmore, Angela Killick & Elizabeth Maykels.

Items discussed included:

  • Parental Survey feedback
  • Review of SEF (School Evaluation Form)
  • Feedback from Academisation Working Party

REMINDER: If you would like to discuss any aspect of school life with the Chair of Governors, Amanda Erasmus, please feel free to post a letter in the Governors Postbox, in the reception area, or email chair@maplecross.herts.sch.uk

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Parent Friday Thank you!

I was delighted to welcome so many SLAM poets to Parent Friday today. The teachers also had a go this morning. All the learners all worked together to create some stunning Attribute focused slam poetry – I offer a flavour below:

Communication is when I greet; teach; meet with other parents and professionals; reach out; persist!

Values is when I care for other people: hold someone’s hand on the way to school; honest with the bonnet; care for a bear; share a chair!

PMA I use every day. Even when it’s a bad day. Make a bad day into a brilliant day. I have a good day in my own way.

Integrity Ask for help; Tell the total truth; When I make many mistakes integrity makes me stronger; Integrity makes me true to myself. Integrity makes me proud.

Communication is good when you’re unsure because that’s what adults are for!

Take a risk, Go with the Flow, Listen to what I’m going to say, risks help you in every little way, have a go, go with the flow, Who knows how you can grow!

Values is respect of places things and people; support people; listen to people; brings us back – it’s a cycle. When you respect people, they respect you right back. When you value people, they value you right back.

Communication We don’t communicate like we use to. We don’t talk through words, we talk through text. we talk to our phones more than we talk to each other!


We used a simple structure to create these poems – the key is to perform them with passion and attitude!


Have a go yourself using the below supporting sheet!




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Welly Walks in Reception

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Our Welly Walk leaders today led their teams beautifully.  When we came back into the classroom the leaders narrated their Welly Walk Journey using the Learning stories that we had created.  The teams were then asked what made their leader a good leader. Here are some of the responses.

“He didn’t let anyone run”

“He listened”

“He helped someone else”

The leaders also were able to adapt their ideas and make decisions when they met Black Hat problems!


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