Chatty Maths Workshop – Session 2

This afternoon, year 6 and the Chatty Maths leaders led another engaging Chatty Maths workshop. They shared their thoughts on the power of effective questioning and how open questions develop deeper thinking.

After modelling open questions, it was then the turn of our parent/carer learners.

Thank you to all the parents/careers for learning with us again this afternoon.

The afternoon ended with parents/careers sharing what they learnt from the session;

– ‘Open questions are difficult to ask but you get some great answers.’

– ‘Open questions meant that my son looked at the picture and identified other things in the picture I hadn’t asked about.’

– ‘Importance in using open questions to get children to elaborate on their thoughts. It gives parents the opportunity to think about learning in a different way.’

– ‘The need for more open questions when talking to my children, trying not to make questions leading.’

– ‘Will keep an open mind when it comes to homework; will ask more open questions as opposed to closed. Thank you, very good idea to have the parents interacting too!’


Great risk taking was shown by all our learners today, both adults and children! Looking forward to our outdoor session next Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Chatty Maths Workshop – Session 2

  1. I think that it is a very good way for children to learn because you can work with your children or child and take some time to think and see what you can see and then discuss about the Chatty Maths worksheetšŸ˜Ž

  2. I love chatty maths and I really enjoy creating the posters and then after doing them. I also love that loads of parents come to our chatty maths workshop.

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