Y2: Gorillas & Butterflys

I had an idea. I was a little worried that people would laugh but I decided to tell them anyway. I told all of year 2, Mrs Manser and Mr Watson; they didn’t laugh. They pitched in their ideas and the idea started to grow. The jumbled idea isn’t mine anymore, it’s ours (more of the jumbled ideas to follow).

I don’t think we’re ready to share any more of the idea yet; we need to get to know our idea abit more. However, I will share this picture with you. It’s really for Y2 but i’d welcome thoughts from everyone. What does it make you think about? What words come to your mind?

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Visitors in Reception

Today we had the pleasure of having 4 children from Year 4 sharing in our learning.  The Year 4 children helped us with our phonics and our learning outside.  This afternoon they helped Reception children create a ‘friend den’ outside. Then they played hangman with the children using sounds that they had learnt in phonics.  It was a delight to have them with us today and they are welcome to return!

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Familiar faces in Year 1

Today Year 1 have have the pleasure of sharing their learning day with some members of Year 3. So far this morning, they have worked collaboratively in groups to take part in some phonics and literacy challenges:

– Writing as many words as they can for special friend sounds

– Reflecting and improving Miss Crowley’s very boring sentence

We have had some amazing literacy language being used and have also had some brilliant examples of commas and conjunctions to extend sentences.

Within our maths learning Year 3 also became learning ambassadors and helped Year 1 to find more and less by working systematically. I have even had to give up my teaching chair for a fantastic reader, who showed great risk taking in reading the snack time story. I can’t wait to see the rest of the learning to follow!


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