Y2: exploring Place Value

Year 2 have been spending time exploring how Place Value can be represented in different ways. We’ve also been finding useful & creative ways of using our maths resources to help us learn. I asked, “what’s the same and what’s different, on the hundred square and multiplication square?” Any ideas?

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MX Explorers – Who sawdust?

Things we noticed:

  • A fine white dust comes out of the stick when we cut it with the saw.
  • When we rub sandpaper on our sticks it makes the wood more smooth (and the colour seems to change)
  • The blade of the saw and the cut end of the stick got warmer after we had cut it, but quickly cooled down.
  • The drill cut through the stick slowly, but went through the grass quickly.

Can anyone use their knowledge to help us understand what we noticed?

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