How much are you selling it for?

Today in Maple Cross explorers, group 3 worked together to create their own nature necklaces. I was very impressed with their collaboration skills! The older children helped the younger children learn how to use the hole punch and showed them how to thread their string through the holes. The children especially enjoyed making up prices for their finished pieces. 

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Maple Cross Explorers – What is a home?

Today group 4 investigated a range of different homes. As a team they discussed their plans and set about building their own den.

I was blown away by the collaboration and resilience in group 4. Three children spent over ten minutes working together to snap a tree branch to the right length. No matter how difficult the physical challenge or the mental strength needed, they refused to give up. Other children supported different elements of the build – some collected sticks, some positioned and some climbed high to arrange the roof. All the children contributed equally as part of a team.

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Year 4 Band Time

Year 4 are already enjoying their incredible music lessons with Mr Fisher. Today, the children saw each instrument for the first time time and five lucky children were chosen to be the very first to play them. Next week, all children from Y4 will learn about, handle and play their own brass instrument.

Come and ask us what we’ve learnt so far.

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