3 thoughts on “If you give a little love…

  1. My daughter Charlotte Wilson is a teacher at your school and having seen this video it has really made my heart sing . I know we can all make the world a better place and make a difference by the little things we do which is how we brought Charlotte up. I know she is loved and supported at your school so thank you. I am so very grateful.

  2. I recognised one of my friends helped another little child how was upset because her friend wouldn’t let her play with a toy and my friend gave her some advice and I just wanted to point it out because I thought that was such a lovely thing to do. And remember, if you give a little love to someone they will give a little love back. 😉

  3. This video really shows that you should help other people even if they say they can do it by themselves!! Keep trying and never give up 😄💙

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