Ooh arrr me hearties – Nursery pirates sail the high seas!

Today Nursery had a wonderful morning learning to sail. We left school, travelled by public transport and walked through the Aqaudrome. We spotted berries growing and listened to the crickets and grass hoppers in the long, dry grass.

The children were fantastic and it was repeatedly commented on how polite, well mannered and focused they were. Nursery embraced new challenges and obstacles with a “YES we can” attitude. It is great to see them putting all we have learnt to use.

To quote Oli, “This is the best day of my whole life!”

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One thought on “Ooh arrr me hearties – Nursery pirates sail the high seas!

  1. Spencer – I liked going on the boat (why) that’s why I liked floating
    Maya – we can’t fall in the water
    Madison – I liked going on the little boat because it was going slow
    Callum – I liked the speed boat (why) cause it went fast
    Archie – I liked going in the speed boat (why) because it goes super fast
    Toby – I liked when I saw mummy (why) because she was watching me!
    Oli – I liked the bit when we went on the speedboat
    Alfie – we were on real water

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