Parent Action Day – THANK YOU!

We are greater than the sum of our parts. Thank you to all the children that were dragged along on a Saturday. I was most impressed when I suggested I should pay one child for their work and they said, ‘You don’t need to – this is my school!’

Special mention to:

Mr Rybaczonek – Blanca’s Grandfather

Mr Singh – Yashmeet’s father

Mr Morgan and Ms Farrar – Rose, Evie and Beth’s parents

Mr and Ms Kwiecien – Taddy’s parents

Ms Whyte – Charlotte and Harry’s mother

Mr and Ms McHugh – Lewis and George’s parents

Mr Watson – Katie’s father

Ms Fuller – Logan and Jackson’s mother

Ms Gagea – Katrina, Reuben and Sophia’s mother

Mr and Ms Rowe – Emma’s parents

Mr Russell – Orla’s father

Mr and Ms Austin – Charlotte and Harry’s Grandparents


Thank you for making the difference.


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