Y5: Lego for sale on eBay! (Fundraising for pond)

(The following text was dictated to me by year 5!)

We are selling lego set 10659 on eBay to raise money for the pond project. Full details can be found on our eBay listing. If you or anyone that you know likes Lego – please bid generously to help us raise even more £££ for us to buy more equipment/plants for the pond area.

We have already raised £146.95 (thank you for supporting our cake sale and Summer Fair toy stall) and have had some paint and plants donated from local businesses.

Can you help us get to our £200 target? You can view (and hopefully bid on) our eBay listing here.

31 thoughts on “Y5: Lego for sale on eBay! (Fundraising for pond)

  1. Please buy our Year 5 Lego set on eBay. We have already made £146.95 and we are hoping to raise at least. How we have raised this money is by doing fund raisers surcharge as, cake sale, toy sale and now this.
    We first started with an idea and through this term it has turned into a project. We cleared the pond up and now it is a blank canvas. We are also hoping to buy flowers and decking to create a learning and relaxing place for people to research nature and learn new things! Please bid on our Lego 10659 and not only make 30 children happy but extatic!

  2. It would be really helpful you bidded generously on this product and remember all the money we raise will go to YOUR pond. We have been working really hard on the pond and we appreciate it if you take some time out of your day to look at our product ! We would also like to thank you for all your previous donations . We have worked on this pond for nearly two months for YOU!😀

  3. This is great!!!
    Now that this link is on the blog, parents and children know about it. The class would really appreciate the fact that some could bid for it. We are aiming for £200 (not for this product only) but for everything we have done in this school. we are selling this item for around £20 . This item could be a birthday or early Christmas present. It would mean a lot to the class.

  4. It would really help if you would go and look at this product on eBay to make the pond a better place to go and calm yourself down.👍 We already have £146.95 but that is not enough to buy everything that we need. If you are interested please look at it because it would make us extatic.😆 We have tried to clean it out a little bit but some of the weeds are growing back and we need to plant some flowers to stop them growing🌱. I can’t tell you how much it will mean to us if yo like it. Thank you 😊.

  5. Please help us with are pond project and buy the lego petrol station it will really help us. We still need to buy are decorations and some more plants even though we had a few donations. We stil need the money from the lego box. 🤑🤑🤑

  6. If you were to bid on this product it would make a difference we would be really appreciative. We have really been trying our best to transform the pond area in to something amazing and if someone was to buy this it would be such an achievement for us. This is going to a good cause so please could you be so willing and kind to make a generous offer.

  7. Please bid on this, it would make Year 5 feel more than ecstatic! This would help us with the project and make it 10x easier. At first it was hard, planning ahead is not my thing, but as we progressed, it got easier, it’s still tough now but we’re pushing through and we will get this project finished. But please, help us by bidding, it may be a little thing to ask but it will help ALOT!

    Thank you for taking time to read this comment and I hope I persuaded you to bid. 👋🏻👍🏻

  8. Hello and welcome to this blog post we are soooo happy that your reading this because now we have someone else to help us to reach our end goal of fixing up the courtyard area behind our main hall. We started of with an idea and now it has grown and taken shape to be a spectacular reality we have slowly been gathering up the funds to pay for it but now it is your time to shine because now you can help us by bidding on our product. If you don’t want to it’s fine lego might not be your thing but consider it for someone you know might love Lego so please bid generously thank you for reading this.

  9. This will really help us if you buy this product you want just be helping year 5 you will be helping mabe over 200 people. This is for everyone to lean and relax not just for year 5.

  10. Hello this is year 5 we are selling this great lego box that is retireed. Please buy or put in a bid we are using the money to make a great out door leaning space for others. If you don’t put a bid thanks for looking any way.

  11. If you bid this product we would really appreciate it and we would be extremely overjoyed as we have tried to encourage people to buy this but it has not went so well so it would be a real achievement to get someone to genourously by it.
    We would also like to say thank you to all the people that brought the cakes in bought them and the people who purchased the toys from the toy sale.

  12. It would be amazing if you could help us out. Leaving a generous bid on the eBay post would help us out so much,in fact it would make everyone in Year 5 years extatic😄. You will not just be helping us, you will be helping the whole school. Having that garden cleared up will do more than you know. It will make children feel so much more calm and way more relaxed. I really hope you can help us out, on something that started out as a small idea and turned into a environment changing project, by leaving a bid on the eBay post.

  13. please can you bid for our item on eBay, as it would mean a lot to our whole class. You would make us ECSTATIC! You will also help our school pond area behind the hall because if you bid on this your money will go to our money box and will help us make this old discusting area into an amazing area for the whole class to enjoy. We’ve already raised £146.95 and we’re hoping to get £200 so it wold be AMAZING if you could help. 😉

  14. Please buy this product it will help us with are pond project that we are doing behind the hall so far we have raised 146.95 pounds plus some money that the pta gave us. we wrote to different company’s some gave plants and other things like I said earlier if you buy it will be so helpful thank you for reading.

  15. If you buy the amazing lego set it will help us to finish the pond area to make it more fantastic, interesting and more exciting!!!

  16. Hello, this it my blog post, and I am here to t lol you that this lego box no.10659. Is going to help you with your relaxing learning time. It is supposed to be built up to a neat petrol station. And it will save you having to complain to your parents, that you are bored. So please help us buy it. Because if you do, then that rotting old courtyard near the hall, will be turned into a beautiful jungle themed learning place. ( and you can go there,when it’s fixed up, when ever you want.) so if you want a cortyard all neat and fun, then it would be very helpful if you can buy that awesome lego box. Thank you for reading

  17. You would help us raise more money 💰 for our project so we can get more plants and uver stuff for the Project . So far we have raise £146.95 so far this advert will be on eBay.

  18. Hi we would love it if you could kindly bid on our EBay description it will be appreciated by everyone in year 5. All of the money will only be used pond behind the hall. You would feel very good when you bid because it will help everyone in the school. The teacher would appreciate it because they can do more learning outside.

  19. Please bid for the lego box 10659 it will raise more money for our pond project. We are raising for about £ 200.

  20. You would help us an awful lot and will help us raise some money for our project. We have already raised £146.95p in total. With the money we are going to get plants,decorations and etc. There is also a lego set lego 10659 and also thank you so much if you have helped us on the way thank you so much are target is £200 so if you buy this project you will help us an awful lot.😄😎🤑

  21. It would mean a lot to us, our aim with this project is to make the pond area into a better place for learning . We want to make it a safer place for all children, but also a calm and relaxing place for children to reflect . We think that this pond area will reflect on us as a school as you can see it from the hall. We can’t tell you how much it would mean to us if you bought our product. Please check Ebay to see our product.

  22. This is lego 10659 speaking and I am AWSOME
    Totally recommend me
    And if you want me click the link and it will teleport you to EBay so you can get it for you or a gift for your friends. I’m a good gift and you’ll play with me for a long time.

  23. It will be wonderful, if you can bid on the eBay Lego 10659. If you did,you could help year 5 create the pond a better and safer place ( and you could also help the whole school as well.) We really do appreciate if you done a bid on the eBay Lego 10659. We are trying to get £200. Thank you for reading this.

  24. Before we started this project,we made a rough plan .now it’s a reality.This project for us is very helpful so If you can help us please do because it will make a difference in our pond project to fix the courtyard area up. If you bid we will be very grateful to raise money that will Help us to get our target of £200 to buy lots of important things to keep children safe and make it nice. This is a big plan,with hard difficulties.

  25. You know the pond project well the money you are going to pay if you bid on this item will help the schools courtyard which you can see true the hall. Thank you for re-viewing this item and thank you for the money from the cake sale and the toys sale.
    Thank you for reading!!!

  26. This is lego petrol station, if you wants this amazing ritiered lego go to eBay and write in “lego petrol station 10659” and it will take you to it place a bid if you want a lego set. Arks questions and we will answer them back. It will make your kid happy or you😻👍🏻

  27. Please bid for our item it would mean a lot, you would also be helping out our class loads and we might get to £200 if we sell this item for about £20.

    Thank you to everyone who either bought a cake at our cake sale or bought a toy at our toy sale. We raised £146.95 it total.

  28. Please buy ,this it will make a big difference to our project. If you do we will be ecstatic , overjoyed. This might be your only chance.

    1. Please buy this. It might make a huge difference to our project . This is a retired product, so it is very rare. Bidding starts at 99p. It has had a very good owner. There is a tear in the instructions. But it has been taken care of.

  29. We would really appreciate if you bid on this product, so that we can help the school out with the pond area behind the hall. We hope you can help. The name of this product is lego 10659, we have been working really hard to try and make this happen by putting all of our ideas and effort into this project. We believe that we can make this a learning environment and place where everyone can go to.

  30. Please buy this rare box of lego it’s been used once if you do buy this product it will help us with are pond project behind the hall

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