Manatee Baby

In this week’s library session, Year 5 finished reading Manatee Baby by Nicola Davies. What an ending! I found the epilogue had a mix of emotions for me; what did you think?

The circumstances of the manatee’s rescue and his protection seemed to inspire some ethical questions around hunting for sport. Year 5, are you ready to have a debate in next week’s library session?

To get you ready and to give you more information about the world’s oldest living manatee in captivity, who I have met by the way, have a look at his Guinness World Records entry and his live cam.

Ms Storms

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3 thoughts on “Manatee Baby

  1. I dident like manatees at first, but when we read the book, the book pursuaded me to like them. The book we read was called ‘manatee baby’. All of the description in that book was so good. The thing that was the best was they describe his tummy as rubbery,cool and wet. Thanks for choosing it Mrs Storms!!!

  2. That is awesome! I can’t believe that he is so old.
    He looks adorable and also me he looks so young!šŸ˜„

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