24 thoughts on “Frustrated in school?

  1. To start the ball rolling – I remember how unexpectedly difficult it was to decide where to place the new fencing in the school. This was very frustrating and annoying…I just wanted it done as it didn’t seem like it should take so long. It turns out, fence positioning is very complex!

  2. I remember a time I was expecting a visit from a county advisor as part of our Early Years Quality Standard Gold award and she didn’t turn up. I was very frustrated as we were all ready to share our project with her and it was disappointing having to wait to share another time.
    It was worth the wait but at the time it felt frustrating.

  3. First day back to school after the Easter holidays and I was eager to deliver exciting lessons. Coming to the end of our grammar lesson, I was impressed at how much we had discussed in such little time. However, it was pointed out to be by a colleague that the time on the clock was wrong and it was half an hour later than what I thought which was very frustrating.

  4. I got frustrated which I had to go out into my little group and miss P.E.
    I got frustrated when I got a very low score on my test.

  5. I feel frustrated when people keep on poking me and I tll them to stop but they don’t, and I also feel fustrated when I don’t get to finish my work in time.

  6. The time I was frustrated was when the batteries died when I was using a laptop before I could save it and I hit the roof (metaphorically.)

  7. I can remember a time when it was frustratingly difficult on a test and I kept coming across questions that I couldn’t understand so I had to take a dead breath and calm down.

  8. I felt frustrated when I was trying to get on with my literacy and a few people on my table were talking of topic , this frustrated me because I couldn’t focus on my work properly.

  9. I get frustrated when my learning partner writes something then says it. Then when they read it out, I don’t like it.

    1. James – I edited your comment as it was obvious who you were referring to.
      I understand that this situation may be frustrating. Can you think of a time that you may have frustrated your learning partner? How could you try to resolve the problem?

  10. I was frustrated when someone kept on distracting me when I was doing my maths skills but maybe they were frustrated.

    1. Yes, Alysia. if we can all be mindful of why people behave and react the way they do – we may be able to help them.
      Inappropriate behaviour may be able to be explained, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

  11. These are the things that get me frustrated in school.
    I remember the time when someone kept distracting me and not focusing and it really got me frustrated
    Sometimes. I get frustrated in school when someone makes fun of me ,moans at me, shouts at me and distracting me or dose not care as much about there learning as much as I do.

  12. I feel frustrated when someone on my table keeps on distracting me so I can’t got with my learning and I get destructed when i am doing my maths skills and when I don’t get to do my very best and don’t get to achieve what I want to do.

  13. I got frustrated in school when I was in maths because I saw a simple set of questions layed out and thought this is easy and then I started adding them up and then I realised it was subtraction!

  14. I felt frustrated when I was outside at lunch time and I was doing my times tables and someone came over and said Alfie your missing out on the fun on the spider wed.

  15. I agree Amman. i had that problem it is so frustrated because you have to restart the hole thing you are doing And i hit the rood to.

  16. We think that getting distracted in our learning makes us frustrated because we lose the train of thought and sometimes it could of been really good to share.

  17. In class when I am trying to concentrate sometimes people always chit chat about things that have nothing to do with our learning. That fustrates me so much! And when I am trying to listen On the carpet, people always distract me so I don’t know what the task is.

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